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What does it mean when an ex says she "hearts you"?


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i disagree... to me this is friend talk... feelings in an endearing way, but not a I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off way.


That's what I was thinking. Considering she never told me she loved me when we were together, I'd think this was the reason.


Although we have been getting a lot closer in the past few weeks. I think she will ask me to get back together because of the way she's been acting. She's been all over me and calling me multiple times a day. It's basically the reason why it confused me.

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It means she could use an English lesson.


Haha...good one.


Maybe she's really saying "I hurt you", meaning she realizes that she caused you a lot of emotional pain.


Well, yes, she has hurt me...but she definitely said that she "hearts me". What she meant by it I have no idea.


It's pretty clear she still likes me as a prospective boyfriend in the future, but we are both just really great friends right now.

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My ex said this to me early on in our relationship when I wasn't ready to actually say it.


She was getting scared ide just dump her like the other guys she dated. so she started to say " i heart you" so I wouldn't feel so much pressure when she said " ilove you"

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