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Hi all. I am new here obviously! And I know I am 27 years old and should know something about this, but I have about had it with trying to guess what's up.


I met this guy through a friend that lives 2 hrs away from me and have only been chatting online and on the phone. We we have been planning to soon meet up and hang out then again on new years.


Now, I have told him that I like him and he told me he likes me too, and just recently things got a little heated and we got pretty close, but constantly he is sending mixed signals. Like today I went and asked him if he was into me, but I sat and waited for over an hour (he was in the chat room chatting it up though) and no comment, so I left the chat room I was in with him and he messages me but totally ignores the question.


The past few weeks it has been up and down.. 1st he couldn't wait to get on and chat with me or couldn't wait to talk to me, but then he got distant, and then it came back again. Last night our conversation was pretty heated, so once again it confuses me. I don't understand how he can keep playing these games at this stage in his life with 2 kids and being 36.


I dunno.. maybe I am crazy..

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