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Here I go..A journey to the new ME


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It is the night before I am going to start my diet, nope, my new way of life. I want to take all the hurt and pain I have encountered in the last 3 months (actually last 7 months....the relationship with him was no bed of roses)and turn it all around on me. I am going to be happy again for me. Somebody told me before (sorry i forgot who, i get such good advice on here) i will never be the same, I will be a better person.


My long term goals:


1. Lose a total of 50 lbs


2. Stay enrolled in my Sign Language classes


3. Make a new friend, this doesnt seem hard but for me I am shy so it will be a challange.


4. Keep my friendship with my ex-husband priority for my son.


5. Love myself and know I did the best i could and he did the best he could, sometimes it just doesnt work.


6. Don't hate my ex-boyfriend, appreciate what he did to me, see it as a speed bump in life.


7. Move on


My 1st set of short term goals:


1. By December 31, lose 6 pounds, I think that is reasonable


2. When thinking of him, quickly move on.


3. I have been invited to 3 Christmas parties already, I will go and be sociable. I tend to clam up in social settings where I dont knwo a majority of the people. This will change!!!


I think that is good for the next month.......


Here i go and this time it is for me, all me baby!!!!

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