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Online dating ettiquette Q?


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New to this...

Is it better to respond to e-mails right away, or wait for a bit to digest the info?

Is there such a thing as too much info too soon?

Any other helpful tips?

Have gotten 2 e-mails today, just curious how this goes.



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As a male? ALWAYS respond right away. I can't even tell you how many e-mails, winks/smiles, or IM's I got on a dating site in a day. Chances were if I sent a note to a guy I like, if he didn't respond that day or the next I'd already become interested in someone else.


Good luck, and have fun!

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KG -

apart from the amount of inspiration and motivation you feel on a daily basis (some days you have no idea what to say no matter how long and hard you try and other days the ideas and words are just flowing), I would say it depends on the level of interest you feel for the person(s) concerned.

I'm not a passionate advocate of tactics or strageties ... as long as you are being yourself there can be no wrong or right in my opinion.

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I typically responded the same day and sometimes right away so that we could talk on the phone that day if possible. I kept it short because I always wrote that I preferred talking to typing as a way of figuring out whether it made sense to meet. I never was indirect or coy about the fact that it was a dating site and the only purpose of e-mailing and talking was to see if it made sense to meet in person.

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Yep, respond immediately. As a guy, your top job is to assess your interest and if you're indeed interested, get her interested in you by physically meeting as quickly as possible without seeming freakish. If she has good pictures, expect that she is getting between 10-50 emails every day. I usually set a physical date within 24 hours of the initial email, and have the date within 3-5 days.


Don't do the "coffee meet." Anything that is in public and interesting is better. Local art galleries, walks, meet at a cool bar for a drink, anything but coffee in a Starbucks, Panera, etc. There is no more sterile, dull environment than a chain coffee place.


Your intermediate goal after several dates, provided you want to date her, especially if her pics and profile are good, is to get her OFF the site as soon as possible. The massive attention women get on dating sites swells their heads and will make even the best of them tend to act like HR officers screening job applicants, not an ideal situation for guys trying to build attraction.

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Honestly I don't think there are any rules.


But all I can say is be yourself. There are too many people that only note all the positives while completely portraying themselves as the innocent, victimized, "haven't met the prince charming / looking for the dream girl" etc etc profile.


I admit, I've did that in the past & I didn't attract anyone that even remotely interested me.


Besides, if two people are attracted to one another things will happen automatically & fall in place

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