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I need advice from the ladies

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Girls just confuse the hell out of me. The one thing that pisses me off is when girls go for the jerks, i probably wouldnt mind if i wasnt a nice guy but i am. Because all the girls i have liked, have fallen for the jerks, and its not like there bad people, they just always do. Even girls i dont like even seem to go for the jerk instead. I dont have a strong masculinity thing going, im outgoing and all but im not one to call girls names and it seems like thats what girls like now, what do i do, act like a jerk, i mean a year ago i was doing fine with chicks but all of the sudden its like what the hell, what should i do?

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hey man


i really dont have an answer for you but i just figured i'll shed some light onto your predicamint. it does kinda piss me off when i see a good girl with an idiot for a boyfriend. but she must see something in him, what i'm not sure.


listen to this. i was out with some friends last night. i was really tired from work, i had a bad day and was cranky and pissed off at a few work related things, but my friends dragged me out anyways. hey it was halloween. so we were with a few women, i knew none of them, cause we went out with some people i didnt know. i had a few beers and started acting like a real jerk for some reason. and then later on in the evening i was still in that mood and i was actually getting hit on by a couple of these women. they were flirting alot with me. i did nothing about it and left and went home to bed.



go figure

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Okay, your kinda right. Girls usually go for the jerks I think. and most girls do seem to choose the jerks over the nice guys. But I think that the jerks are usually guys that are really secure about themselves. It doesnt' give them an excuse to be jerks, but I think that the secure thing is really what girls are after. I think. That's just my opinion. Nice guys who are secure about themselves are really hard to come by. But yeah, I could see how that would piss a guy off. It really pisses me off when I see a really nice guy with a jerk of a girl too though, and I see that just as often as I see nice girls with messed up guys.

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girls that go for jerks are the ones who like a challenge .... but why bother with girls who are looking to play games? there's plenty of cool, pretty girls out there that want to be treated well and don't wanna be bothered with stupid mind games ... long as you're not a total wuss pushover, you'll be fine ... and you don't wanna be with some girl who would use you then throw you away anyways.

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