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be honest and tell me how I look with makeup on?


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I want honesty and opinions if I would look attractive to someone wearing makeup, like the way I put this on? and the colors I chose. A few weeks ago I went to a MAC store (I like MAC makeup) and had the lady find me some colors and show me how to put it on well.


Personally, I think I look good with makeup but I want some pointers to see if it looks decent.


I know I am pretty. Doing social things should help me meet friends and guys. I'm just trying to strengthen my attributes.


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To be honest I can't really tell that you are wearing make-up. But then, thats what they call the natural make up look or something isn't it? If you think you look good then you'll feel good and guys will pick up on that rather than the actual make-up anyway.


It's hard to take pics of myself where it shows that I am wearing makeup. I took about 10-15 pics and had trouble finding ones where you could tell I wore makeup.


Yes, I've been a little bit obsessive about how I look lately. I have a vibrant personality and an ok sense of humor when I'm calm and not nervous, but I have to add to my arsenal so I am at my best when I go out and about or go to meetup events.

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ren, i like it. I have seen you without makeup so i can tell you are wearing it in these pics but only because i know how you look w/out it.


I like the colors. The only other thing i would recommend is a little bit of eyeliner to open up your eyes more. I can't tell if you are wearing mascara, if not that will help brighten them as well....i also have dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin and i have found that i need to bring out my eyes with mascara and eyeliner. Not a lot - don't go for the ho look LOL!

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A little gem i found years ago is Maybelline waterproof mascara. It's not even expensive. Its in the pink tube.


It looks great and lasts ALL day long.


I like make up but have specific brands i use that are as good as the expensive ones but not as pricey. I do like Almay products - the all day almay eyeliner is another gem and Almay foundation that also stays on all day.

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I think you look lovely. It's nice.


Ok, I do agree that mascara RULES and is one bit of make-up I actually use regularly. It's so easy and just pops open the eyes. Easy peasy.


Another thing I love is eyebrow shaping. I like waxing. A change in eyebrow shape can be truly amazing on appearance. Ever seen a pic of J-Lo with her eyebrows left natural? She looks like a different person.

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Well since I never saw you w/out make-up hard for me to say.

But yeah, it's hard to tell you have any make-up on.

Women don't need to wear a ton of make-up to add some jazz to their faces.

Look into getting a med natural bronzer (apply with a good face brush), Add a liquid black eyeliner just to the top lid, Add a little of the bronzer to your eye lids and then add the mascara.

You have a darker complextion so the bronzer will make u look like u have a nice glow w/out the cakey look of make-up.

I'm not crazy about the gloss. I think you need a carmel color with less gloss.

And if you really want to put a nice focus in your pretty face, pluck the brows a little. Brings the eye up and looks pretty


Good luck

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The only other thing i would recommend is a little bit of eyeliner to open up your eyes more. I can't tell if you are wearing mascara, if not that will help brighten them as well....i also have dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin and i have found that i need to bring out my eyes with mascara and eyeliner. Not a lot - don't go for the ho look LOL!


Agreed! I'll tell you the brand of mascara I use if you want a good one that doesn't smear all over and you can buy anywhere. And I use an eyeliner pencil always sharpened so the liner won't be smeared and sloppy.

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I posted this in your other thread but you should get your eyebrows shaped. They are in dire need of it. This will give your eyes and face more *pop*


I also think the colors you are using are too much like your own skin tone. Maybe a sheer red gloss and some lighter eye color would add that *pop* your looking for.


I guess I'm afraid to find something too striking, so I asked for something that was more natural looking. I may give eyebrow shaping a try. I am wearing mascara in the pic.


What is a good brand of mascara? Right now I'm using a brand by MAC.

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I use food ol Maybelline in the pink tube. It is by far the BEST mascara (and I have tried all of them) It is always rated the best mascara in Marie Claire.


The makeup colors you are using Im sorry to say don't do much for you. Try at least the sheer red gloss.


Ditto to that. I've been using it for at least six years now. IT is great stuff and about $6 a tube. Can't beat that!

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I agree with 15 Storeys High and CarrieBradShawny. I wear about 10 times more make-up. Maybe I wear too much, but... whatever. Looking at your pix, to me I can't see much make-up... but maybe that's because I wear a lot.


I always put on black liquid eyeliner, black eye shadow and a lighter eye shadow above, black mascara, brown eye brow pencil (shaping your eyebrows would be good), powder, lipstick, lipliner... If you are happy with the amount you are wearing though, that's fine. We're all different. Some people wear a lot, some people wear a little, some people wear none. I think the second pic is the best. The flash in the first and third pic makes you look whiter.


By the way, I think MAC Is good as they don't test on animals. Some cosmetics test on animals - so it's best to avoid them! I like Urban Decay, also Beauty Without Cruelty.

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1. You MUST get your eyebrows waxed. It usually runs $15-20 per wax (both brows). If you go to a professional, the pain is minimal - a sharp pinch is about the level of hurt. Mine uses hot wax and cloth strips, which is quick and very effective. She plucks hairs she can't get with the wax, and trims the longer hairs. It will make an astonishing difference.


2. The general foundation/powder looks good, but your skin looks all one tone, so you need some blush. If you have a Sephora in your area, ask one of the salespeople there to recommend a blush. You don't have to buy the $30 ones, but it will give you a good idea of what color shade is appropriate for your skin tone. Or buy the $30! That's fun. NARS Orgasm is a very good blush that's flattering on everyone. You're dark complected enough to not need bronzer.


3. Make your eyes stand out more with some mascara and a bit of eyeshadow. Get an eyeshadow palette with multiple colors. The dark color should go in the outer portion of your eyelid, and then sweep the lighter color over the whole lid (NOT the browbone). It looks in the photo like you've got a nice light color on your eyelids, but adding a darker color for definition will make your eyes really pop. I think deep plum would look very pretty with your dark eyes and hair. Curling your lashes and applying mascara will give your eyes even more definition.


4. The lip gloss is a pretty color!


Post some more photos with additional makeup. Good luck!!

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I am wearing mascara in the picture as well as eye shadow (in a olive green) and blush (but not a lot). I'll give the eyebrow waxing a try. Never done that before.


I went out for a bit, but it was cold so there wasn't anybody really out and about. I ended up going to the mall to walk around (mall is outdoors) and did get some glances, which is good. I know I look good without glasses. Now just to get the makeup right.


I guess with makeup, it really is a hit and miss until you get the right combo. But some of your ideas are good. I have to go to the other mall tomorrow, after work, and get my contacts checked out. There is a MAC store there and I will ask them about more vibrant colors. I'm a bit timid about wearing vibrant colors. Yes, I am shy.


I need to learn to wear makeup every day. It seems a lot of girls do.

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I think MAC might be the wrong line for you??? MAC is more bold and vibrant not really known for toning it down or natural. Have you thought about the lines of Stila, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, or even Sheseido (which is geared for Asian women)


You might want to get a consultation on a new hair style. The one you have right now is not flattering to your face shape. Just my thoughts.

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