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Not sure what to think


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So lately my ex, not the current ex but the one previous to the one I am in NC with now, has been trying to reach me and be friends with me. Well, actually she started after I started seeing a new girl but I basically told her at that point it was still too soon and sort of weird that she wanted to be friends as soon as I found someone else. But I digress, she is trying to contact me again and be friends. I am not sure what to think about this.


After about 2 years apart from her I realize what I bastard I was to her. I was verbally abusive, and well, just plain mean. I did some crazy stuff to her back when we were going out. Obviously it's been 2 years, she has grown, I have grown and have gotten much more control over my anger issues though I know I still have work to do. But here is what I am thinking. There are two possibilities here either:


A) She is crazy (which she would have to be, why would anyone want to be friends with me after some of the stuff that I did)




B) I am not THAT bad of a person and for the most part a good person and fun to be around even with my issues that I had.


Obviously the "B" option gives me some hope. Especially after all the partying and casual sex that this ex felt the need to tell me about like a week after she broke up with me. It gives me hope that maybe the current ex will eventually come around and realize that I'm not all that bad. (and I wasn't even abusive to the last ex, she was the one that verbally and physically abused me, karma's a * * * * * ain't it?)


update: she wants to hang out today, haha, this is so weird. I have no idea what to think. I have work though so it ain't happening. But ya, weird. Let me know what you guys think. Is she crazy or maybe I'm actually a cool guy that people miss even after all the stupid stuff I've done.

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I think it's easy to be overly self-punishing after a break-up. You probably weren't nearly as bad as you thought you were, and thus, this girl is still attracted to the prospect of your company. At any rate, it seems like a fairly productive assessment to think about it that way, so I'd say stick with that interpretation.

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