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I am soooo happy today guys!


I had the most wonderful dream! I have all sorts of dreams. Most of my dreams are entertaining, a few come true in the future, and then there are the dreams like this! This is one of those dreams that has a meaning. I already have an idea of what this one might mean! I can always tell what type of dream it is by the feeling I have when I wake up. Anywho, LOL, here was my dream (the just of it).


So, it was the day before my wedding. And family and friends were all around. This was the fun part of the dream, encountering everyone, seeing all of the people that I love.


So, in my dream it's like I had a clip of what would happen at the wedding. And it was like, my groom put a HUGE chunk of cake in my face, and I throw some back. And we were just laughing, and having so much fun!


So it was like, by the time we were done, there was no more cake for the guests.


Now back to the day before the wedding...


I decided to make a list of supplies I wanted for my cake. And I got soooo excited about making my own cake!


I was going to have a chocolate chip cookie base. Then lots of fudge of course, and the cake was going to be layered. And it was going to be an ice cream cake.


So I start to write things down, the things I want to get at the grocery store, but everytime I try to make a list, it blurs. Like, it's runny, everything runs together. It didn't matter what pen or what paper, everything ran together and you could no longer read the words.


So, I decided the just take the paper with me for sake of security.


Then I started looking to find the glass pans for cooking the cakes. And then I was chatting with one of my close guys friends.


Anywho, that was the just of my dream.


I was preparing for something really important in my life, but it wasn't at all like I would expect.


Number 1, it was the day before my wedding, and I wasn't stressed.

Then the cake, I was making my own cake and I was soooo excited about it. But in real life, I would have a huge cake, and someone else would make it.


When my husband and I were throwing cake at each other, I didn't care about my make-up, or my hair, or anything. I wasn't at all angry or flustered.


And I was so happy, there was so much joy, but it wasn't at all what I would expect. From the vision I had in my dream, my wedding was small.


It wasn't in a hotel, or on a country side, or at a country club....it was in a banquet hall.


And there weren't many decorations. But I was soooooo happy!


And it's weird, LOL, to me anyway. I mean, nothing was "perfect" or even near perfect, by my standards.


Yet, for some reason, nothing material seemed to matter at all. Right down to the cake. I wanted to make it, I thought it would be so special. I didn't care what anyone would think, or how anyone would feel. No one else's opinions could have possibly bothered me. And then also, I didn't have that little condemning voice in my own head. It just wasn't there.


So I'm really excited, it was a really good dream.


With the list, I think that has to do with my planning and over-analyzing everything.

In my life I spend so much time weighing the pros and cons of things, that it's often paralyzing. It's like I'm so nervous about making the right decision, that I don't let go, and do what I feel is right.


Then there is the whole...well, most everything else. My environment, what things were like on the outside...it didn't effect how I felt on the inside.


My joy, and happiness, it was uneffected by my surrounding, or any other circumstance.


It was just beautiful. I really believe that will happen for me.


I think it means that it's time for me to write my own destiny. To follow what's in my heart. And not to let any negativity influence me.


Who knows how it will happen. But I truly believe that I'll make it to that stage. That is what this dream means.


Thanks so much for listening guys!


I wanted to share this with you first. I'm always so quick to run to you when I need help, or when I'm feeling badly.


I wanted to share with you my happiness as well.


Thanks for all of the support!!!



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It was just beautiful. I really believe that will happen for me.


I think it means that it's time for me to write my own destiny. To follow what's in my heart. And not to let any negativity influence me.


I believe that too. You've come so far. You'll do it, Grace.


I almost started crying reading your post. I'm so glad you are feeling better these days.


And, I kinda want cake now.

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