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Breaking the silence


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All those nights where i slept alone weeping in one corner

All those days where i didnt go to school

All those mornings where I couldnt get up from bed thinking about all the shame u put me through...all those moments where u left me with so many marks that nobody could see but myself. Remember those moments when you said all those mean things to me, they stung at me like a bee...all those days where I felt lonely and couldnt utter a word to anyone because you had isolated me...all those pointless conversations yet never meaning anything in the end...every moment , every day...i cried alone, died alone...each breath I took felt like a life time pass by...now you are with your new girlfriend showing her off to the world thinking you are winning....that smile on your face, those sneaky looks you and your group give me as I pass by...you have no idea ...no idea how much u will never hurt me, how happy I am without you...u have no clue how free I feel, none of you will ever destroy what took me years to build...none of you will ever even touch my spot again....you can break my heart over n over again but you will never break my spirit AGAIN! Since I owe it to all my tears

I owe it to my family

I owe it to my friends who helped me survive

I owe it to my body which suffered every night

I owe it to my soul which suffocated every minute

I owe it to that smile I lost somewhere after I was with you

I owe it to everything that I had in my life before I ever met you!


Because it just wouldnt be fair , it wouldnt be just for me to let you ruin my life over n over again...it wouldnt work if I kept letting you hurt me and control my life over n over again...the dreams we had together never existed, all those happy moments between us died a long time ago...it never existed...you are just an illusion and i am finally breaking the SILENCE!

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