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I think my ex wants me back


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I went over to her house to watch a movie with her tonight and she sat on my lap when I got there, hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek. Then we started watching the movie and I put my arm around her and she grabbed my hand and we held hands throughout the whole thing. She started rubbing my arm and we cuddled for the whole thing. She had been flirting with me a lot more before tonight, but especially tonight is when she started making moves.


I thought she was going to kiss me before I left, but nothing happened other than a hug.


We're both just getting that feeling we got when we were together the first time. Just the feeling that we are excited to see or talk to each other at any given moment. We're falling for each other again. At least I am...but I think it's pretty clear by her actions that she is falling for me again.


She broke up with me twice before btw...but we've never been as close as we are now.


So what do you guys think?

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I would just simply say, "I want to be with you." Don't give her an ultimatum or anything. If she say's she doesn't want you (which I doubt she will and if she does she is lying) than just keep cool. She'll be back. It sounds like you guys are already back together anyway. Just find little ways to keep that spark alive so you don't break up again.

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You broke up twice. Do you think there would be a third? What does your heart say? Do you love her deep down? Are you willing for a chance (if so both must not take it for granted, must treat it with resepct)? These kinds of questions you gotta ask and give answer.


Maybe your ex does want you back. If you want her then tell her person to person how you feel and see what she thinks. If she declines and afterwards does all those kissing and cuddles, don't reject 'em limit them 'till the point where you don't do 'em, which and ex is suppose to do (not engage in intimate actions). Whatever you do (while you're both ex's) do not have sex.

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