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I know its silly but I cant help feeling this way... Dont tease me! LOL


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He used to go to my high school but we never spoke, we did see eachother around though. We met through the net and started chatting. Ive started to like him heaps, we are plannning to meet next weekend. The thing is I feel like he isnt going to like me. He has seen pics of me and thinks Im good looking but its different in real life. Plus Im kinda freaked out with the whole meeting up with someone from the internet.


He is really nice but Im unsure. I know this is going to sound stupid, but 4 years ago I was dating this skinny tall guy that tried forcing me to have sex (he had ADD or something), anyway, for some reason, this new guy makes me feel like I need to be guarded because he is also tall and skinny... I know its stupid, but I cant help relating them, even though they are nothing like eachother (or so it seems anyway).


any suggestions guys? Seriously its bugging me! LOL





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Nobody should be forcing you to do anything you don't want to do. I can definitely see how that would make you guarded around the opposite sex. That said, this guy isn't your ex. I don't really know what you can do to separate them in your mind other than just reminding yourself of that fact.


As for the internet, well, if you don't know him really well, meet in a public place and/or with a friend around. Safety and all that. The internet is just another communication tool but the anonymity it provides can be used to mask one's true self pretty easily. Of course, this may or may not be an issue based on how much you think you knew him in high school.


And you never know how things will turn out on first meeting. Just bite the bullet, I guess.

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Take extra precautions and don't feel alone in being uncomfortable with someone that is physically similar to someone who tried to force you to have sex. For a long, long time I refused to even consider dating a man with blue eyes, because the person who sexually abused me had blue eyes. It's something that can lessen over time.

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