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One way to tell her:


In person i think would be your best bet, if you text her saying how much you like her that might give her options to think about, rather if you do it in person you can see facial expressions, and in return you get a straight out answer...


Another possible approach


If heard of writing a letter, or a poem..stating what you would say to her in person. It might not have the same effect as a person to person contact, but it will seem much sweeter, but not as direct as the first suggestion.


3rd and last


You could turn to a good friend, to sort of "let-her-in" on you liking her more as a friend, i.e. (phone/ Conversation in person)


it will give you to time too think about what you want the friend to say, but caution using this method, that being It could make you seem scared/chicken to say it yourself, depends on how she would take it, i can't say because i myself don't know who she is, only you know her best, so go over these possibiltys and choose your M.O. (method of operation)


Another way:


"Just thought of it" take her out on a date, not just a movie or something like that..maybe a little more un-casual, Dinner, The park (that will give you time to talk) somewhere that communication would commence.

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Well, I can offer some personal experience here (it's what I'm good at) since I've tried pretty much everything that S4il suggested to you.

In person is best. Even if it means you have to put it off a day or two to do it. If she knows that you waited the extra time to see her face to face and tell her your feelings, she'll appreciate it all the more.

Writing her a letter or poem could work. In my experience, it hasnt. But that's not to say that you cant do better than I did!

From what the other girls I know have told me, they would all hate to be told over the phone or internet. And I dont blame them. It all comes back to taking the time to see them in person.

As for the personal experience I promised above- I'm currently going out with a wonderful girl. And the way I told her was by using everything that S4il suggested, but in a specific order. I practically live at my computer, as I hate to talk on the phone, I have a website to maintain, and half a bazillion other things that require a computer. And it was over ICQ that I first started hinting, ever so slightly, that I liked her. Just subtle innuendoes, a little flirting, all in the midst of normal conversation.

I went on a few sort-of dates with her and a bunch of our friends. But to make it different from just a group outing, I made sure to pay her lots of attention (without being clingy) and continue what I did over the internet.

I finally told her face to face when we went to see a play together. And she didnt even let me finish me carefully rehearsed speech before she kissed me.

Within a couple of days, I wrote her a little love-note. Since I'm her first boyfriend ever, I wanted to make a good impression. So I went into detail about why she's wonderful, how I will never hurt her so long as it's in my power, things like that.

Ok, with me off of my soapbox now, I've just got one last thing. If you're going to spill your feelings to her, make sure you know what you're going to say, even if it's just a general idea. You dont want to get all tongue-tied during your big moment. And if all goes well, you should end up an incredibly happy guy!

Best of luck!



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