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Help Don't know what to do anymore!

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My Ex and I broke up last year in october ( I had a lot of personal issues wtih my family and him as well eventually it led to a lot of false alibies and jealousy trips. He eventually told me that he wanted to date new ppl but being my stubborn self I continued to try to fix things. He started seeing some girl he worked with but at the same time, him and I would still see eachother and have intercourse I then confronted him about her.....still didn't tell me I finally realized to let go) this year came we didn't talk until this June we talked as friends and what we have gone through this whole time, although he was still with that same girl he wasn't happy......i wasn't happy although we tried new ppl we weren't happy. The girl and him broke up and him and i have been hanging out with eachother a lot lately and came to the agreement that we weren't going to commit to eachother but yet we tell eachother "I Love You" we decided that the past is the past and that there is no need to bring it back and to learn from the 1st mistakes we did and not make them again we r tired of arguments and games and to learn to communicate better. But today he told me he ran into a girl that he dated while were broken up and that girl that he was with recently tried to see him last night but he refused and told her to go home, i didn't spend thanxgiving with him till midnight and i was kinda bother by those events i didn't say anything he honestly told me but what bothered me more was the fact that he told me "well have a good day flirting with all those guys" I work at a dealership I am surrounded by men so I called him back and told him that had bothered me I feel like I was pushing him into committing more to me when he isn't ready so he broke things off and he said that friends we should only be that he has trust issues and that he is just f***ed up in the head and doesn't wanna involve me in it. Am I wrong in trying to fix things? Am I wrong in trying to help? Do I ask 4 to much and scares him away? What is wrong? I don't know.

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he brokeup with you?


ok he sounds like he is a little messed up in his head about this. do not sleep with him again, and do not call him. NC on this completely!!! just literally do not speak, cal, contact, message in any way at all. and if he messages you be polite but concise and to the point. this guy is not giving you the proper respect. its not your fault, u have just been in love with him. but remember, he has been with another girl, and he is open to looking at other girls as potential girlfriends or sexual partners. after all that you guys have been through, are you ok with this?


do not sell yourself short. i think this guy is demeaning you. and u should just be strong, go out with your family and friends as much as possible. flirt with other men as much as you need and pull away from this toxic situation. its not healthy to have someone make u feel like this.


i think its a messy situation, sorry to hear u are going through this....take some time away from the situation and dont contact him...be upset if you need to....eat a whole gallon of haagan daaz ice cream if u need to and cry as much as u want. sister, we have all had boys take advantage of our kindness and love, u r not alone.


take care...

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He called me last night but I was so tired from work that I fell asleep. He did want to hang out but I was too tired. He also called me this morning at 4. I told him that i work from 8-5 and he just said "ok well have a good day and HAVE FUN!" then he just hung up. Why does he do that? I am so confused.

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