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is this true


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"either a guy likes you or not. theres nothing you can do about it"


but is this true for shyer guys who do have a whole lot of confidence or lack past dating experience?


I know its not right to wait around for someone to start liking you, Im not saying someone who likes a shyer guy should do that. Just a general question.

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This isn't the answer you want but.....


Why wait around for someone to start liking you? Be your own person...do your own thing. Some people will like you and you can decide whether you like them back or not.


Besides, if someone likes you do you really want to have to coax him into showing it? If you don't mind doing that, then don't get upset at your 10 year anniversary when he doesn't even remember it.

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I think that even the SHYEST guy, given the appropriate "receptive signals" will fumble out a date invitation if he's so inclined. If he can't do that, even AFTER having time to develop a friendship and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're receptive to him if he wanted to ask you out... Then he's probably going to frustrate you down the road anyway.

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I'm very very shy, but if a girl could make it clear she was interested then I would not have a problem asking her out. In a sense she made a "first move" by indicating interest. (I never indicate my interest first because I just have such low confidence right now)


If a guy doesn't make a move after you've shown clear interest then he is either not interested, isn't available, or his self esteem and confidence is so low that he can not ask you out. So unless you want to ask him out you should probably just forget him.

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It is amazing how many people confuse shyness and gynophobia.


Given enough time and encouragment, a shy man will eventually come out of his shell and will express his feelings one way or the other.


If he is continuing to withdraw more and more, then he is probably gynophobic. Professional help whould be his only chance.

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Feelings are pretty hard things to change, ever had a guy like you and you wanted to like him but you just couldn't like him back? even though he was really nice, kind, intelligent etc. Well I think its vice versa for guys, shyness doesn't alter this. Over time I think you can grow to love someone when you didn't love them previously but initially if attraction isn't there at first it rarely develops later (although sometimes it can).

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