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First of all happy thanksgiving to everyone on ENA.


I have been in NC with my ex for about 2 months now. I saw her today at the annual football game. We just smiled at eachother, then i notcied she had a disgusted sad face. So i walked away.


It seems like during NC there is always somethin that pops up within the month limit, first it was her bday and now its thanksgiving.


What im having trouble with, is if i should say happy thanksgiving to her.

She hasnt said it to me yet and its 830 already.


She told me not to talk to her until i was over her because i said some mean things to her then right after would tell her it was only because i loved her so much. And finally she was sick of that and said yuou know what you have problems you have GOT to move on. So i did, and im trying. But i want to put a smile on her face by saying happy thanksgiving, but im not sure if me saying that would actually do that. what do you guys think i should do?



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Keep the NC. The whole point is to NOT give in to the temptation to give yourself false hope by trying to keep lines of communication open. She's made it quite plain that she considers your relationship irreparably over ... that was a gift from her to you that many exes don't give.


Sorry for your pain, it will get better.



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