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Quite the predicament...


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I seem to always have this luck. 2 good jobs, I know, "what a problem". Anyways, I have a job to start on Monday, benefits, full-time, good-pay that I've commited to. After the interview, I got a call from another company to come in, and pretty much nailed that one as well.


Here's the thing- the other job pays 5 dollars more an hour. Huge company, benefits, pension, all that good stuff as well. I go for a physical tomorrow, than I'm supposed to go in for an "evaluation" Monday morning... which is when I am supposed to start my other job. So... best case scenario I ace the physical/eval. and get this job and bail on the other. Or... I bail on the other, fail my eval. and become unemployed (agh!).


There's a chance I may not exactly pass the physical (no need to get into) so my decision would be pretty much made for me. At a major crossroads... what do you guys think?


(BTW, the higher-paying isn't exactly full-time, it's moer seniority based.)

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Does one or the other seem more fulfilling for you personally?


That would be horrible to not show up Monday b/c you are taking a physical and then fail it...then the other company wouldn't want you back. Don't want to burn your bridges that's for sure.


I'd go with which one piques your interests more...forget the $$. Who's to day a year from now with the lower paying job, you wouldn't have gotten that much of a raise by then.


Good luck!

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