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Thoughts this Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgicing to all of those on ENA!


This morning as I was wandering around my kitchen, preparing Tom for our Thanksgiving feast, I was struck with the sense of loss that we feel after break-ups. I remember planning the feast last year in my head. Sure all of the dishes I had planned were here, the parade on, girls watching, but there was something missing. Something BIG. The ex & his kids. I remember picturing my vision this years perfect day: him & all our kids all gathered around the big screen watching the parades, laughing, all the animated banter & play, as I watched smiling, preparing our feast! *sigh* Then I was drawn back to a letter I received sometime ago from a VERY good friend. I'd like to share it all with you.


"Keep doing what you are doing. Move on. You are a beautiful person inside and out with a great sense of humor. Don't dwell, it's non productive. I know it's hard and somedays you just want to die or hide. It really does get better and a little easier. Don't rush. Maybe he will want to come back. Maybe he won't. Either way what are you really out of? You will have a better understanding of who you are and be a better person for it. Thank him. Yes, I said thank him. Thank him for opening your eyes to the fact that you had lost yourself. Thank him for showing yourself how you really want to be loved and treated. Thank him for helping you grow as a person and a sexual being. Thank him for teaching you how to be a stronger, more confident, and self reliant person. Thank him for helping you to become an asset to your next relationship."


So along with stating the things we are always thankful for, this year I think we aught to be thankful for our exes, the things they have taught us, & thank our exes also (Perhaps not literally! That wouldn't be a good thing for alot of to do! But perhaps on here or just in our hearts.)


I'd like to start!

Thank you XXXXX for reintroducing me to myself. The confident, funny, all around good person that you fell for so long ago, that I somehow lost along the way. Thank you for all the things you have shared with me & taught me, both good & bad. Thank you for making me a better, stronger person than I was. Last Thank you for bringing so many wonderful new people into my life that I will always love & cherish.

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Thank you, ex, for allowing me to be introspective for the first time in my life...and to not hide behind any more facades, being the person I thought my friends and family wanted me to be. Thanks for allowing me to become true to myself (even though by being with you it was near impossible). Thank you for not wasting any more of my time on you because you were unworthy of my love. My love is deep, strong and true and does not falter. It is forever and if you couldn't appreciate that, thank you for allowing me to find someone who can! And thanks for not contacting me. While it hurts now, I think in the end I will be grateful for it. I need to cleanse myself of you and all the hurt you caused me.

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