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ladies, your thoughts please.

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Have you ever broken up with someone only to wish you never made that choice? When it comes to women, do you think about it alot after the breakup?


If you did realize you made a mistake, would you try to get back together. Or would you wait for him to make the 1st move.


anythoughts would be great.

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Well coming from a guy I say us guys feel that way and I think ladies feel the same way. Now should you do the first move that is a hard one, douse he still like you? And if so is he seeing someone ealse right now? It is all up to you but if you feel ypu should go for him then go for him.

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Me again. I'm trying to figure out how my ex girlfriend is dealing with our break up. Even though she broke up with me, I hear that she's taking it worse. All of our friends always commented on how they'd never seen her like that.(In regards to dating me) And they can't believe she left me. I love this girl more than anything, but I feel like she might be taking the easy way out. I know she;s been super stressed at home, work, past issues etc. She told me it was nothing I did. I just miss her, and I don;t want to see it all thrown away for no reason.

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Then go talk to her, tell her how you feel it is hard to say what her responce will be but what can you do. Like I sead tell her, talk to her, at lest try to be her friend though this part in her life. Ask her why she left you.

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Whether she made the proper choice for her in breaking up the relationship with you or not is left up to her. Make sure that now that you are broken apart that you approach her in friendship only and not to continue the relationship further. Here is the real deal: if her problems were all with work or her family, then she wouldn't have broken up with you, she would have handled the situations differently, you see what I'm saying?


So if you want to approach her in friendship and just say, I hear that you've been through a lot and if she wants to open up to you or not it is left up to her.


Did you and she have a good supportive communicative relationship? Or was it more for sexual purposes?

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