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How do you ask a girl for "head"

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This really isn't for me, it's for my friend. My girl just .. went down on me one day while we were fooling around. My friend though, he's been going out with his girl for .. 4 months? Something like that. And he wants her to give him a bj, but he doesnt want to insult her or pressure her. how do you "ask" for a bj? I never had to ask, so i couldnt help him. I figured someone out there might be able to offer a bit of advice?

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i agree you shouldnt put a girl on the spot and she may be a little uncomfortable, but your not going to get anywehere if nothing is said at all, maybe instead of askin if she would do it, when all sexed up, why not ask her how she feels about doing different things and slipping them in.


i mean i dont think i would have gone down on my boyfriend as soon as i did until he asked. i think if its something that will please your man and being with them for 4 months then why not atleast try it.


and as for the flavoured condom, man thats a little omg, avoid the whole thing, and more than likely not as enjoyable for the male so discuss the aspect of using one also.


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Hey, you'll never know unless you ask her. Maybe she's just waiting for you to tell her taht you would like her to do that. I know that's what happened with me and my bf asked me to do it, and it didn't bother me one bit... took pressure off of me from having to make the first move.

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I also don't think you should ask her to, just in case she's not into that kind of thing.. it would make her feel bad & you would probably feel awkward.. Anyways, one day when you two are talking, bring up oral sex or something like that.. ask her where she stands on that topic. Couples should talk about each others opinion on sex & stuff, just so they know where each person stands.. Hope I helped!

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WHOA WHOA WHOA!! i just got done responding to the girl who wasn't getting head from her boyfriend and all thses same people were like "just ask him" "just tell him" do this, do that. but if a GUY wants head he's just supposed to be quiet and wait, and even if he gets it - a FRIKIN FLAVORED CONDOM!!!?? gimme a break kids!

here's the deal: no man ever got to pop his girl's oral cherry by saying "wanna blow me?" but if you say nothing, she'll just think she was blessed with the one guy who doesn't even want head (yes, some girls really think that there are actually men out there who don't want a nice sloppy blowjob) you have to be cool about it. bring it up. just happen to mention so and so's relationship is progressing so well - they even tried oral. or act like it just hit you one day and tell her you heard oral's better than sex - plus no pregnancy! you try it on her first, then she can try it on you. or just tell her you want to move a step ahead in the relationship. there's a million things you can do, but don't do nothing. or else that's exactly what you (or your friend) will get. why don't you have your girl tell your friend's girl how fun BJ's are?

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