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Don't know how to take this


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I've recently started posting here and recently went through a breakup with a young lady I was very close with for an extended period of time. I recently saw that she has posted her profile again on Match after we had begun having some contact after about 3 weeks of NC (and 3 weeks of NC prior to that). I just got a sick feeling in my stomach and cried a little but called a female friend. I told her what had happened and she asked if my friend had checked me out as I am on the same site. I checked and she had. She didn't wink at me but she said that when she saw old boyfriends on that site, she was little jealous (even if she had done the dumping) and a little sad that I was supposedly moving on from her. I haven't moved on but I am trying my very best because she doesn't seem receptive to getting back in a romantic way...yet. Funny thing is, in mutual areas of interests, we match 24 out of 25, better than any woman on there! I am still confused. At the urging of my female friend, I shot her a quick email wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving and saying I saw her on the site I haven't heard from her yet. What do you all think I should do?

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Hey Thanks for the response.


I agree...as hard as that is at the moment. My thought process was(is), deflate the issue of "I saw you on Match!!" and make light of it and say something sincere (but not romantic or needy) and wish her a happy Thanksgiving. Basically, "the ball's in your court". I think she'll find that there aren't a lot of great, normal, attractive people that she will have the kind of chemistry we shared. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

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