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Closure and dreams...

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What do you guys think of dreams? I would love to hear some feedback!


I've been dating/become best-friends with this girl over the last several months. She has expressed many times that she has a closure issue with one of her ex's from 3 years ago. She caught her ex-boyfriend cheating on her with another girl. She never had any closure as to why he cheated. It has held her back in relationships since then, and I can see her sabotaging relationships because of this.


Last night, she had a dream that she told me about very vivdily. Here's a brief synapses: She was on a train in Paris where she saw her ex, he wouldn't really talk to her. She finally went up to him and they agreed to go to lunch after she asked him why he didn't care, they spent the weekend together, had sex, and she walked away from him feeling happy and like she finally had closure, in her dream...


I'm just wondering if you guys think it is possible to get closure, or for that matter, sort out problems you have in dreams. She has expressed to me many times that she is not ready to commit, regardless of how much she loves me. I think this is a big part of it. Should I just relax and let nature take its course, or should I dig into this deeper to see what she feels and why she told me about it. Thanks...

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hey lahso,

i just had to note the coinsidence. last nite i had my FIRST EVER dream about me and my ex. i had seen her hours earlier on friday nite, and we didnt even speak a word to each other. i was hoping somethin wud happen but it never did, and i went home quite sad and angry with God because of the way things are going between me and her.

then i had my first ever dream about her, and what happened was the two of us bumped in to each other, and we suddenly sorted things out and were 2gether again and being really intimate. in real life we are avoiding each other, and last nite i presumed she didnt seem to be interested anymore. i dont kno what to make of it. God? Coinsidence? Luck? Hope? the coincidence and timing of this post about dreams is also getting to me. Again God? Coinsidence? Luck? Hope? looooool

with you, i think if u really do love her, u should respect her wish. its what she wants, and when shes ready -which i hope will b soon- she will tell u. im quite a believer on dreams, so i think that her dream has a meaning. patience is a virtue, and if both of u love each other, she will open up soon. if u want to get into her more, then dont pressure her, and tell her its for the best and the future that u two discuss it.

good luck, especially with these dreams!

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