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How many chances?

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So me and my ex have broken up for about the 3rd time... we've went out for about 3 years. He did not appreciate what I did for him or focus on my needs. There just wasnt enough effort coming from his side of the relationship. So we broke up again and it was the final... we broke NC and started talking... and he's saying that we can work this out and that I have done so much for him and he realizes it, but I have heard it all before... from our last breakup. I am so confused right now... my heart wants to be with him again...

My friends have been there for me through all of this, I know what their going to say if I ever do decide to be with him again. I am not thinking of starting anything anytime soon but in the near future. I just find it so hard to let go of him. Maybe because he's been calling and texting me. It just seems like all my friends are frustrated with me because I can't see the whole picture. I've given this guy so many tries to be with me but it kept going back to the same ways!

I can hear what people tell me but I just can't process it through my mind. I know I have to do what is right for me but I just dont know right now. He also asked me to go to his x-mas party Dec 10th, as "friends." I dont know what to do right now I am the most confused person in the world...help!

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well communication seems to be the problem........... communication before u leave try talking setting up rules or objectives..tell him what u want and ask him to do the same. evaluate how much effort he puts into pleasing u and try to please him as well... Chances are endless in true love "compremise' that it and follow ur heart ......... i think u should go to the party it wouldn't hurt

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