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flirting at work


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ok few days ago whilst at work, i found out a new guy who is a couple of years older, was married. which i was a little surprised at- not sure why. but as i was being told this by a mate, he headed over to us, and we just started laughing. then we made a remark like "your ears burning??" and we were joking about. i then went of to do something, came back a couple of minutes later and he then put his arm on my waist to stop me then whispered "she told me what you said" in my ear. which she hadn't as he then started laughing and said only joking. but ever since he has been really touchy feely with me. everytime he has something to say to me he puts his arm on my waist or stands right up close behind me- so my back is on his chest and again whispers in my ear. it's usually something about work, which he could say out loud. i don't have a problem with him doing this and i don't fancy him, but i'd quite like to know your opinions on it.

he's a really nice guy and he is kind etc but i don't want him to get the wrong impression of me or for things to get awkward at work. he doesn't act like this towards anyone else.

thank you

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