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I Hate the Idea of Respecting Elders


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I grew up learning to respect elders no matter what. For no reason even if you win an argument against an elder i know you never really win. this goes along with my hate for teachers because they just boss students around like slaves and people dont notice. Take a look around people under 18 you are treated like its like a rule. Last week a teacher said she liked a certain movie and i said that wasn't to great and she just said WELL YOU HAVE TO RESPECT ME BECAUSE IM YOUR TEACHER. Not to mention whenever a student corrects a teacher they always flip a . There has to be a better system. Someone give me an idea. Its like Student arent aloud to be Right.

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it's ok to disagree, as long as it is done respectfully. How did you disagree with your teacher? Did you say, "I didn't like that movie?" or "Anyone who likes that movie is a loser?"


hahaa, I've corrected teachers during class. if a teacher is a good teacher, they should appreciate it, not begrudge you.

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This is just protocol in life, especially with a teacher. IF she said it to you that way you might have been really getting out of line. It seems that more and more people don't feel this way (respecting elders or people in general) and chances are, even if you don't like it, many of your elders around you DO know more than you. As smart as I like to think I am i know there are many very wise people older than me (and yes younger than me too and I also respect them) and I respect their knowledge and try to learn from them.


IF she is doing something that is breaking the school rules then take it up wtih your parents and try to have something done. But if she is not breaking school rules it is appropriate to respect her.


Teachers develop this kind of thick skin because of many kids do not want to not listen, buck authority and believe they have all the answers when they have not even lived yet. This does not mean kids are never right but trust me when i say there are probably many things you don't know yet, and i bet one of your elders will be there to teach it to you if you are open to it.


There are some nasty teachers out there but this is something you will have to deal with in life. Look at it as preparation for whenever you get a job working for a real ass of a boss but you have to still take it because you really need the money to EAT.


Bottomline is that teachers DID get thru college, and they paid a lot of dues. They should get a certain amount of respect and dealing with a bunch of kids who think they know it all cannot be easy. My hat is tipped to all teachers. I wouldn't touch that job with a ten foot pole.

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I actually think students don't pay ENOUGH respect to teachers in this country. It's such a shame how they bully around their teachers. You should always respect your elders unless there is a reason for you not to.


Most teachers I've had don't mind being corrected and listen to what you have to say. Of course there are bad teachers, just like there are bad students but that doesn't give you a reason to not respect teachers in general.


I agree!!!!!!!!

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I agree wh Jadedstar and garam masala.


Too many kids think they can stand up to their teacher and say and sy and do whatever the heck they like because they feel like it their right.


and, even worse, parents encourage this type of behaviour!!!! The worst is kids who get disciplined at school running home and telling their parents and then parents marching in demanding that the teacher doesn't treat the kids right, or that their child is seemingly the only one in the class.


so many kids now don't do the things the teachers tell them because they don't feel like it.


Bring back the discipline I say,


Sure, teachers have to teach kids with respect, but sometimes a kids has just got to learn their place. Respect comes if you earn it..


Seriously, iIve heard 10 year olds think they 'deserve' respect, some sort of entitlement.


Sometimes under 18's need to realise they are just children, and they will be treated like adults when they are adults.




i know, when you are under 18 you feel liek everyone is out to get you... adn they aren't. I just think lots of teenagers feel they deserve to be treated with more respect even if they aren't giving it.


how EXACTLY did that converstion go?

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Even at my age I see both sides of the story.


Growing up my father would never ever listen to my side of the story. It was his way or the highway. It was living in a military encampment. Even to this day some of my aunts and uncles treat me like I'm 10 and try to tell me what to do. I'm not talking advice, I'm talking taking charge in every situation because they think they know how to do everything perfectly and what I want to do isn't the best choice in their eyes or doesn't fit with their beliefs. Because of this, at times, I defy authority (not the law or cops).


I think some kids feel as though their opinion doesn't count and they just want to be heard. Yes some are disrespectful, I see it everyday. As for the teacher and the movie, everyone is entitled to their own opinion about a movie. Whether right or wrong, like or dislike it's just a movie and IF your teacher did do that then she is in the wrong.

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Well i know my post didn't mean young people should be seen and not heard or that their opinion doesnt matter.


I am talking about blatant disrespect that is growing more common by the day. Kids have no right to mouth off to their teacher. If the teacher is one of the bad apples, they should talk it out with their parents and the principal. Taking it into their own hands cussing a teacher out is ridiculous. And they need to learn they will encounter superiors their entire lives who might not be the nicest people on earth.


This mentality is why i see so many young people hired for their first jobs coming to work like promotions are owed to them when they are lazy and think they should be playing video games on the clock.


I also see this disrespect when out and about, a young healthy man will breeze right past an old lady having a hard time with a bag and walk right out the door and let the door slam in her face. Brat. HOlding the door for her, is that so freaking hard or annoying to do?


I saw a rough looking young kid last week on the street and i was amazed, HAPPILY so. An older guy was trying to cross a busy street, he was very feeble. The kid stopped what he was doing and took the man's arm and helped him cross. I was on the opposite side of the street and would have crossed to help him but was very pleased to see this young man - who by society's standards looked like a young punk - take the time to help. and you can't judge young kids by their appearance, i've seen many a preppy looking kid be a real ass whereas the alternative looking kid has a real heart.


It was nice to see not all young people have lost touch with humanity.

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It really gets to me the way some people use the word respect.


Respect with a fist cocked over your head. Obedience. Do it even if it doesn't make any sense or it goes against your values. Even degrades you as a human being in your own right.

Obedience or submission - some people seem to think that is the DEFINITION of "respect". :sad:


And then, of course that spawns rebellion. Of course, that spawns fawning parents who do not put their child's needs above their own personal desire to please and pacify and obey (someone else, of course, a boss or other to take place of parent!).


So. Having a lot of experience with that ^ sort of attitude to "respect" ....


My opinion is still that it is a worthy pursuit to learn to respect elders for the experience and time they have spent on this earth.


It's just the process of growing up, hopefully, and learning what respect really is about.


That is something the is up to every individual no matter their age or experience - or hard parents and authorities in their life - to learn the value of respect.


I'm sorry if you feel you have not been shown this by others, but, that doesn't let you off the hook, and it won't make life any easier for you to get mad.


You know what they say...."If you want to be treated with respect, learn to show it first" ..yeah...it's no guarantee that certain others (many in life won't) will show it if you learn it, but if you learn why it is important to have respect and show due respect....it will stop hurting you so much when others can not or will not show it.


I'm rambling, yes, but take care.

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It really gets to me the way some people use the word respect.


Respect with a fist cocked over your head. Obedience. Do it even if it doesn't make any sense or it goes against your values. Even degrades you as a human being in your own right.

Obedience or submission - some people seem to think that is the DEFINITION of "respect".


not at all. I've never hit anyone in my life.


i meant, please dont make my g/f cry when she's trying to teach you for your own benefit you ungrateful uneducated disrespectful little gutter turds.


thats all.

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^ I wasn't replying personally to you, Papillion. Woops, sorry about that, in fact your post didn't show up until after I submitted mine.


More generally. There is still a lot of folks walking around (all ages) who believe respect=obedience.


And when that obedience is challenged, oh boy! The cause can justify any means in their minds.

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ugh, i see this in the workplace all the time.


We had summer students working for us who told us they wouldn't do admin work because it was 'beneath them'


New workers who just graduated from university with a sense of entitlement that the company owes them this respect and that they want to be a manger after working for the company for 2 months (for which they haven't earned yet!!)


I agree with you about appearances.. Last year in our city, 2 young guys who were 'wonderful student council-academic- athletes" were caught throwing eggs at a homeless person sleeping as they drove home after a night out!! absolutely disgusting! Everyone commented on how surprised they were because they were good clean preppy kids. Just the other day my friend had her car break down on the highway... who stops to help her but some 16 year old 'goth' kid who looked like mariln manson.. he stopped, let her use his cell phone, and waited with her until her husband came to pick her up.

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Apparently your definition of respect is very different from mine.


you are talking about elders being violent and mean to youth. No one on this thread said a word about if someone is degraded or belittled, you made some huge inferrences from the posts here.


There are teachers who take abuse simply for telling a kid to stop talking and open their book, or tell them they are going to detention for skipping class. I think it should go without saying that we do not mean a person who is being abusive.


there is an epidemic of disrepsectful youths out there. Adults who are abusive and controlling is a separate topic. I am talking about mainstream respect from youth and the adults who are in positions of authority in their lives - police officers, teachers, parents, etc. Sure SOME of them are real jerks, but the majority are just trying to do their job.

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^ I wasn't replying personally to you, Papillion. Woops, sorry about that, in fact your post didn't show up until after I submitted mine.


More generally. There is still a lot of folks walking around (all ages) who believe respect=obedience.


And when that obedience is challenged, oh boy! The cause can justify any means in their minds.


No one on this thread said that tho.

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sometimes i think kids Do have to be obedient.


Problem is now, is many kids think they don't have to do anything they don't want to do ( in school). if they don't wwant to do it, they tell the teacher or their parents.


you know what? we are all going to have bosses, colleagues who we HATE. its life, they are going to have to deal with it at one point. By having ZERO discipline in school, you get kids coming out of university who think they can say 'no' when their boss asks them to do something that might be 'beneath them'.. This is why i get these kids in my office (and I call them kids, because thats how they act) who get all uppity because their boss asks them if they could lend a hand for 5 minutes in moving around a co-worker's office.


"Its not in my job description" they say..or.."I don't want to do THAT"


A result of when they were younger, telling the teacher they don't feel like doing a certain project at school.


I have a friend who is a grade 1 teacher who had a 6 year old punch her in the stomach because the kid's mum told him not to take any edit from anyone!!!!

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I agree, sometimes obedience is necessary. In my former posts, hwoever, I was referring to respect. But obedience has its place. We have far too many politically correct parents and teachers these days who think if a kid says F YOU that a few minutes in time out is going to help. NO, it won't. Send the kid home and then the parent should send the kid to his or her room and with NO video games, internet or TV. When I was a kid i wouldn't have dreamed of cussing out a teacher...and this because I knew my mother was not going to send me to a corner for five minutes of time out. She was going to take things away that i liked and make it hard on me...


But respect is something that is taught to kids when they are young. If the parents don't teach it the kid won't have it, and more and more parents are too busy entertaining guests and doing their own thing to even teach a child manners or respect.


Kids dont get as much discipline anymore, and by discipline i don't mean beatings or violence. Just good old fashioned punishment where the things they like are taken away if they act like little animals.


Just little things amaze me, like how young kids don't say thank you as much anymore. I did a little experiment on Halloween, we get a lot of trick or treaters. I made a mental note to see how many said thank you. About three or four out of fifteen actually said it. And one or two the parents gently prodded "say thank you". MOre than half never said it nor did the parents metnion to them to say it.


Tihs is the kind of thing i refer to as being respect vs obedience.

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^ I know no one here referred to elders being violent in this specific post. I understand that.


What we have here is a fundamental difference in belief and approach to life.


Obedience necessary? I don't see things that way.


And now obedience - discipline are being spoken of on this thread as being intertwined. ?


It's simply a fundamental difference in belief, there is not much more to say about it than that. *shrug*

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I don't think obedience and respect were being intertwined here tho and it was only mentioned by others when you introduced it in your last post.


I think obedience is necessary in children, as i have seen my share of disobedient kids who could use some discipline.


Out of sheer curiosity, what is it about obedience (referring to children only) that you find deplorable?


Yes I am sure this is one of those areas we just agree to disagree on, no biggie as there are other things i have found your thoughts similar to mine but that is what makes the world go round. LOL

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