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Asking out a member of staff of a shop?


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I went and had my hair cut at my local hairdressers on saturday and really fancied the woman that cut my hair, she was really chatty and friendly (i know thats what they're paid to be like, but she did seem a good laugh).

Ive been single for 5 months now and feel im ready to start dating again so decided I would like to ask her out, I was too shy to do it at the time so came back home. I sat there and thought 'what the hell, you only live once", so decided to go back and give her my number. Typically it was closed by the time i got the guts to go back (it's only 2 mins walk from my house), ive been back a few times but each time it has been closed ( ive since found out its closed on sunday, monday and wednesday so that would explain it!!).

I went there yesterday before work and it was open, but i couldnt bring myself to do it, Im very shy especially when it comes to women, and I just couldnt get the guts to go in and approach her, so i chickened out and went to work.

I was kicking myself and wishing id done it.

So ive decided tomorrow Im definitely going to do it, I just have time before having to leave for work so dont really have any excuses!!

I was just wondering how exactly to approach her, and exactly what to say, as I know what im like, i'll be overcome with nerves and end up embaressing myself and I dont want to look like some stalker lol!!

Has anyone else done something similar, and how did you go about it? Did it work?

Im hoping she wont have forgotton who I am, bearing in mind hairdressers will see a lot of people in a day, although this is only a small village hairdressers, not one of the busy high street ones. We did chat quite a bit, but then again she probably chats to all her customers like that!!

Im just terrified of going in there when there are bound to be other people there who will overhear (customers, other members of staff etc)!!

Any advice please?

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walk in with complete confidence. 'scuse me everybody, but where is the girl that cut my hair?' she says 'here' all scared like she ruined your do. 'i was hopin i could esquire you to dinner some time and would like your phone number.' but act like you are on broadway. lol


maybe that is a bit dramatic. something i would do though. anyways, you can just go in, make eye contact with her and motion for her to come to the counter or something. ask what she has planned for friday night. then tell her you would like to take her out to dinner.


good luck.

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