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Heaven and Hell


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It seems we're ok

Kissing,hugging all the night

It really seems we're perfect

But we know it's just a lie


Yet we keep on pretending

Never let anyone see

The truth beyond our laughs

The scars beneath our skin


It's Heaven

for others.

It's just Hell

for us.

But it's better to think you're loved

Is it more than enough?


We're in this together

And we both know what's right

But the love that we're sharing

Left me with no will to fight


I'm screaming when I'm lonely

I smile when we're out

And when you come and kiss me

It does feel really right

But what about the pain?

What about the lies?

They can't be deleted

They're not just in our mind


We always had good times

That were more than the bad

But yet we keep pretending

Like we've only began


You bruise me ,then you kiss me

And tell me "You were right"

But the pain I feel then

Can't be ripped apart


You can't just smile at me

And delete all my scars

You can't go on pretending

Cause I'm too left behind


We need to show ourselves

We need to tell our pain

Else we'll be 'in love'

But lonely at The End.

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