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Guys ever worry about creeping girls out without meaning too??


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Okay this may seem like nothing but this kind of stuff bothers me a bit so bare with me. There is this girl who serves me in the supermarket now and again. Last week when she served me she seemed very friendly and in fact gave me lots of eye contact. Smiled all that stuff. Because I am trying to train myself not too avoid eye contact and to appear confident I return it. Although this girl is quite attractive, I don't fancy her or anything.


This week she is again at the counter and to me seems relutant to serve me and in fact seems to want the bloke to do it who also wasn't serving anyone . Sort of hesitating to serve me kind of stuff. In the end she does and is quite pleasant although not as overly friendly as before. It may seem minor but I do worry about being a creep although no one has ever accused me of it. I wasn't looking at her t1ts or anything. I just wonder whether I seem overly nervous and she interprets that as me being a weirdo when in fact it is simply that, nerves and when I interact with people other than this way I am fine. Iam fine with girls who I know like my mates sister but I do get anxious.

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Someone feel free to put me in my place here, but IMO staring only works if you're an impeccably well-groomed, James Bond-esque businessman type. And then, he would only get away with it in bars and so on. Otherwise it will just have "slightly weird, possibly unnerving" written all over it.

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