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Too good to be true?


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Both my boyfriend and I have had moments where we panicked and attempted to bolt from our relationship for just these reasons. The emotion is pretty overwhelming, and especially as early on as it was for us.


Thankfully we're past the point of freaking out by now.

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Have you ever run away from a relationship because it seemd to good to be true, and you got scared?


Wow, you would have to have been through some huge hurt before to have that much trepidation about a new relationship.


I have never been in that situation. If a relationship seems good then I don't look for the bad. I allow myself to trust and to enjoy the moment. As I said in a previous post, hurt in life is inevitable. Sometimes it can be devastating. But if love wasn't such a wonderful thing then it wouldn't hurt so damn much to lose it. Which means that is HAS to be worth fighting for in my opinion.

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Yes, and usually it IS too good to be true. Reality sets in once the initial shine wears away. Then a realrelationship starts. It's work.


Right. After a while the new wears off and even if you're still crazy about each other, at some point its gonna take work and effort from both sides.


I've been sceptical before b/c things seemed to good to be true. Like w/my 'boyfriend'. When I met him things were 'perfect'.......for about 5 months, then the 'real' relationship started. True colors came out. But I wasn't really surprised. It was waaaaay too perfect in the beginning.

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I'm with Jayar on this. I have had those moments, as has he, where we think "This couldn't possibly be true" and we panic. But, it is true. And those moments of doubting pass quickly.


However, we're almost two years into our relationship. If you're talking about a relationship of a few weeks or months, chances are, yep, it probably is too good to be true. Just sayin'.

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