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Not sure how I should take this?

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I was talking to my ex on the phone today (we talk almost daily on the phone because we're good friends). We were talking about the last time we met up and what we were doing. We were just joking around and somehow brought up how I've had opportunities to do things with her but I never went for it. While I was over there, she was talking about how her boobs are getting bigger and I said jokingly that I don't think they're real. She told me to grab them to see if they really are but I figured she was just joking. So I didn't do it obviously...Today she was on the phone saying that she KNEW I wouldn't do it because she knows I'm not like that. I think it was her joking, but I'm not so sure. It got me thinking as stupid as it may sound...


Does she think I'm a prude or something? I didn't take many risks when we were together, sure. I am waiting to lose my virginity until marriage unlike most guys (and so is she too...she's a secondary virgin...hasn't had sex for two years). So does she think I can't have fun or be a wild guy?


So, what does that mean? Or am I just looking into this too much?

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If you guys are on the same page (both waiting till marriage for sex, can't say it doesn't kind of shock me hearing that from a guy) then she probably didn't say it in a bad way, don't over analyze it anyway


I meant to put in there that she has had sex before but is a secondary virgin. She hasn't had sex for two years now and is choosing to remain celabite until marriage.


I guess it is kind of weird to hear a guy say that, but it's just how I am. Maybe I'll change my view as I get older but sex just isn't a top priority right now. I want it to be special. I can't just have sex with some random person because I would feel no connection with them at all.

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I think it would have been cheap and weird for you to "grab her boobs" she's just flirthing and wanting you to react in some way..sometimes you are thinking too much about what SHE thinks of YOU, when most of the time the fact is people are thinking about themselves, and I bet she felt a bit like an idiot when she said that and you didn't take her up on it...so that is why she felt the need to bring it up again and say, "I knew you wouldn't do that' she was in a way feeling embarrased about herself and COMPLIMENTING YOU... so feel good about yourself.. trust that she was thinking about what YOU might be thinking of HER..


So relax, and know you did the right thing by NOT doing something so ungentlemenly by grabbing her boobs, next time she makes a joke or suggestion like that simply say; "I have far too much respect for myself and for you to "grab" any part of your body unless it's for romantic reasons"... responding in a honest, mature way, well that'll show her what a confident classy guy you are. But honestly I think she already thinks of you as a classy guy... dont' confuse HER insecurity as a reflection on you.. okay? because most of what people say or do says so much more about HER than it does about you.

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