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I like her soooo much! What should I do?!


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Hey, I haven't posted here for a while, but now I have a huge problem!! (and it still has to do with someone i posted about months ago)


Alright, there is this girl who I really like. More than anyone I've ever liked before. I always think about her, and I'm just crazy about her!


I don't really talk to her that much, because I am afraid of annoying her, because she knows that I like her. So I don't want to look totally stupid when I try make convorsation...


And I haven't asked her out, because if she said no, I don't know what I would do. I would like be forever depressed! What should I do? I don't wanna risk getting shut down...

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Go and watch the movie American Beauty. Then watch it again. A third time if the point didn't set in. Sure, you'll eat a lot of popcorn, but the message is there. That movie is (at least partially) about a bunch of adults that never followed their hearts, or somewhere along the way stopped following their hearts. And about a pair of teenagers that learned from scratch how to do just that. And it's about a lot of other stuff, too. Which makes it a damn good movie.


May I inquire as to how old you are? Judging from your writing style, I would wager that this would probably be one of your first relationships, and that you'll probably have plenty more after it. Or maybe you'll be sweethearts that think back to the day you asked her out on their 50th wedding anniversary.


Point being - stop second-guessing yourself, pluck up your courage and go ask her out before you lose the opportunity. If you don't, you're sure to end up with nothing, and if you do then you've got a chance it'll go well. And if it doesn't, oh well... at least you tried and you can start fresh.

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Yep - ask her. While you're waiting for more positive signs, and not so incidentally tormenting yourself wondering, you're leaving the door wide open for some other dude to come along and ask her to start hanging out, see a movie, study, etc. And you STILL won't know what her answer would've been, so you'll get to kick yourself for not asking when the opportunity was there. No matter what her answer - at least you'll know, instead of always wondering if you had a shot and lost it without trying.

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It has been my experience that in order to have the most incredible moments in life, there will always be a risk associated. Always. But it's always worth it. Consider this: You ask her out, she says yes, its fantastic. You ask her out, she says no, and your ego is a little bruised and your heart is crushed, but you will (I promise you) get over it. Even if she does say no, you're no worse off than you are now since you wont get a date if you don't ask either. In fact I think you'd be much better off than you are now because the possibilty will no longer be tormenting you and you can move on. Don't discount the marvelous moment you realize that you it doesn't bother you anymore. That's what I mean about risks. The way I see it, by not asking her, you are denying yourself the possibilty of two great moments in your life. Either the one where she says yes, or the one where you finally move on. These are both such important things to go through. A very good friend of mine said something to me that has really stuck. "It ain't a dress rehearsal" So get out there and live a little. On the day a man and woman get married they are in fact risking a divorce, but they are so happy to be proclaiming their love for one another the risk is well worth taking. On the day a child is born, the parents are taking a multitude of risks. What if they can't provide enough? What is they give poor advice? What if they make the same mistakes their parents made? But the joy of having a child so greatly outweighs these what-ifs. You'll never reach the big risks if you don't take the small ones. It's worth it. Life is nothing without love, and sometimes if you want something all you have to do is ask.

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Hey thanks everyone! You all make really good points about this. You are right, I'm not going to get anywhere not asking her out, and if she says no, oh well! There are alot of other people out there!


And as for my age, I'm in high school.


Thanks for all the help everyone!

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