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Love Given Over To Passion

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Give yourself over

Over to passion

How tender is the unseen hand

That unfurls the baby leaf?

More tender is the hand

That caresses you now with wonder


Give yourself over

Over to wanting

Remember the night

That cloaks and makes the unbearable, bearable?

More forgiving is the love

That beckons you now with patience


What is the passion, what is the love

That discerns and separates

The false self from the holy self?

That removes blemishes and

Like the sun

Reveals two lives, the shadow and the man

And loves them equally?


It is the love of old scrolls

Of tapestries that hung on castle walls

Of books covered over in mold

But whose words still murmur

In chambers of hidden vaults


It is my love, given over

Over to passion

It is my love, given over

Over to wanting

It is a baby leaf unfurling

It is the night that cloaks

It is the waves turned to wings

It is the sun that kisses all

And beckons all to live

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