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I have the job already, going back to school for accreditation?


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So here's my issue. For many years now, I have wanted this certain job, to be a Veterinary Technician("pet nurse"). It just sounds like my absolute dream job, though it is rather low paying in the scheme of things, but this doesn't bother me as I have a good head-start money wise from insurance money I received from an accident many years ago.


Any way, my problem is that getting into this field can be somewhat difficult because most veterinary offices require a 2 year degree from an accredited school offering the technician program. However, finding a school that offers this program has proven difficult as there are only two schools in my state, both of which are in tiny little towns in the middle of no-where. However, I have learned that the program is offered through an online school, Penn Foster, and that this program is accredited and would be the same as if I where to graduate from one of those other schools.


Well, I just accepted a job as a technician in a veterinary office, well more of a veterinary "franchise" than a real office run by a veterinarian; these offices are located inside of the stores in a very large petstore chain. Any way, they are willing to train their technicians and don't require experience or accreditation. However, the hours are demanding(like 11 and 12 hour days) and this office is open much later than a normal office and even though I will make "ok" money for the field, not as good as if I were accredited in a "real" office.


I still want to persue the 2 year degree, possibly through the online program, so I can make more money and have more options available for where I work but my friends and family are of the idea that I have "the job" now so I shouldn't worry about school any more. Advice?

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You can't legally do the job of a vet tech (in the usa anyway) without a license. Some places will let you do a lot though.


I am almost done with the program and I have been working in the field for 4 years, and my salary will almost double when I finish school. When i finish I will be a vet tech, but for now I am a vet assistant. The online programs are most likely for vet assistant, you can't become a tech without hands on clinical experience.


This is probably what your job will be at the pet store. You will be an assistant, restrain animals for treatments or vena puncture, clean cages, assist the vet tech basically. Instead of doing the treatments, etc.


I also think working in a real clinic or even emergency room is where the real fun and excitement is.


And yes you will have to work long hours!!! You may even need to be on call certain weekends. It is a medical field, and if you have an emergency at closing, you are not going home!


I suggest the schooling!!!

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Well, the Penn Foster program actually is accredited by the AVMA and they do require hands on work at the end of the second and forth semester. I actually found out about Penn Foster off the AVMA's website. Though I know that most of those online education sites out there are actually fake and unaccredited. I was sure to make sure this one was legit though before researching it. Their listing is "probationally accredited"(not the best) but graduating still allows you to take the state exam to become a licensed/certified/registered veterinary technician.


Any way, this office(Banfield-The Pet Hospital, located in Petsmarts) has told me that my job title is Veterinary Technician(not assistant, though they do have assistants working there) and that I'll be trained to do X-rays, blood and labwork and monitoring anesthesia as well as preparing prescriptions. However, I know Banfield doesn't have the *best* reputation so I'd like to get some experience here and possibley complete my 2 year program, do the hands on stuff at work, and then move to a privately owned clinic later. However, my mother/boyfriend/family all think that what I have now is good enough so I don't need to worry about being accredited now "since I already have the job I want"... I dont' know.

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Banfield does not have a very good rep. And it's even worse that they're allowing an unlicensed "tech" to do the work of a tech. It is illegal, and if someone reports it, they will get fined. I'm not sure what would happen to you.


I would suggest the schooling, you will learn much more in school than what they will teach you.

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But what if you want to change jobs? or the Banfield hospital changes hands, closes or decides they only want licensed Vet Techs?


And i think they have no incentives to pay you welll because they can use the 'you're not licensed' argument.


so if you want this as a serious career, you should take the training to get certified. Online training can be self paced, so no reason not to go for it.


if you get the training, it opens up a lot more job opportunities for you, and you could work for a private vet, and work your way up into more money and responsibility. so i think the best advice is to protect yourself and your career in the long rather than just short run is to get the education.

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