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clueless ex?


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ex's who send mixed messages, send lame texts, show up where we hang out, call and hang up, etc...are they really as clueless as they seem?


do they really have no awareness for how their behavior is affecting the still grieving dumpee?


do they really not realize what it does to the dumpee when they call just to say hi, send emails that are short, send photos of themselves on vacation in a bikini, etc


do they really not know it freaks us out when they wait for us outside our workplace then not say a freaking word to us as we walk by? drive by our houses? etc




p.s. my ex is driving me nuts!

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I don't understand her at all these days. She is sending mixed messages.


About a month ago she told me that she really wants to talk with me. I agreed to meet up, then she said she wasn't ready to talk yet, that she'd call again. * * * !


I've run into her in the mall, she says she wants to talk, but then doesn't say a word. She shows up where I hang out, and just stares at me. She has waited outside the door, and then turn ed around and ran when I came out.


I don't get it at all...and it's driving me up the wall.

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