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Words Hurts More...


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I've been involved with this guy for 3 yrs and 5 months now

I have been called every name there is(stupid,moron,low IQ,sl*t,wh*re etc) and he always seems to have an excuse to them. He would tell me that it's because sometimes I deserve it. Now everytime he's in one of his moods

and starts calling me names I don't even care anymore because i'm so

used to it it's like I feel numb most of the time now.I wanna cry but

I can't anymore . He's got his good sides but the BAD OUTWEIGHS THE

GOOD.I have never had a low self-esteem before I always think i'm stupid because I hear it almost everyday to the guy who supposedly loves me

I'm so afraid of breaking it up with him because he threatened

to kill himself or make my life miserable if I ever leave him. I DON'T

KNOW WHAT TO DO, I can't mention this to my family because he's

not even in good terms with them so i'm all ALONE.








I have found little that is good about human beings. In my experience most of them, on the whole, are trash. - Sigmund Freud

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It looks like you already see what you need to do, and just need that final push to do it - yes, you need to get out while you still have some sense of self left.


He threatens to kill himself? Been there - DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Even if he does, that's HIS choice, just like it's been his choice to treat you so badly you need to get away from him. Nobody, and I mean nobody, deserves that kind of verbal abuse. And yes, it IS abuse. He threatens to make your life miserable? Honey, that's what restraining orders are for - use them. He has no right to make you miserable, either with OR without him. And if he won't take you seriously, be prepared to call the police, keep records, and get that order, and let the police handle him, you don't have to handle him alone and shouldn't have to.


If you feel your resolve wavering, go to or call a support group for abused women, they'll tell you just how bad it can get, and show you just what you could end up living with down the line if you allow his behavior to continue. And I'm sure they'd have plenty of information on what you can do if he tries to threaten you, and they've been there, they know what it's like to stand firm in the face of suicide threats, tears, and promises to change if you'll just give him another chance. Keep reminding yourself - is this where you want to be 10 years from now? Because the longer you tolerate it, the easier it becomes to justify it, and the harder it is to leave.

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leave the bum. He's not going to do anything. Quite a fue of my friends have had guys say the same thing to them, and all the guys are still alive, and non of them have heard from them is years. The guys a bum and you deserve better than that. Depending on where you're from I might be able to hook you up with someone I know would treat you verry well... Not that I'm pimping out my friends or anything.

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Verbal abuse can lead to physical abuse. Go to your family, that is what they are there for, tell them everything even if it hurts and makes you look a little comprimised, it is better to leave him now than stay and have the verbal abuse continue. You know deep inside that he won't change. He won't kill himself he is just being a drama king. Don't let him get away with this one, call him on his bluff.

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i can tell you right now he's not the one for you and I've never had a gf yet but i believe anyone whose gonna verbally abuse you like that doesn't deserve to have anyone and he sure doesn't deserve you and you don't deserve to take that crap..forget him and move on!

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