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What do it mean if guy do this?


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On Sunday, when I and a guy I was sorta of seeing were driving home from other state. We were tired, so we decided to stop at a hotel.


When we were sleeping, he must have seen me rolling a lot. He came to me and sit by me. He rubs my arm until I woke up then he asked me if I am ok. I just told him I cannot sleep well. So he lay down by me and pulls me close. He gently guide my head toward his chest then he rubs my back up and down. He eventually move his hand down to my butt then start to pats it in slow and gently rhythm. I remembered he also kisses my forehead before I fall asleep.


Why did he do this? He didn't even try to get in my pants or anything. He was very gentle and for some reason it help me fall asleep.

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well, i can't remember the last time i rubbed a booty to help a girl sleep.


I use to rub my exe's back and booty to help her fall asleep. Of course we had already consumated the relationship, I might not of been as brazen if we hadn't crossed that bridge yet.


For now however I would chalk it up to him being nice and see what happens next.

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LOL! Why do most guys immediately think it mean he's trying to get some while girls think it's sweet?


I don't always take any touching of butt as a sign of trying to make a advance. He just rubs for a second or two then pats. I was a bit shocked at the time but it helped me to rest.

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well, i can't remember the last time i rubbed a booty to help a girl sleep. a nice back rub yeah, but not really a booty.


I agree with Ghost. If a guy I'd just started dating was rubbing my booty I'd think he was wanting to get him some. To me its the same as rubbing my boob-its sexual.

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