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im azn, 14, and about 5 inches


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10-4 that is me when I'm erect. I can't complain, at least it works good and stuff. I am one with my genitals (hardcore sitar music would be good right now)


i miss her 2, you are a decent size, not small I'd say. The average for white guys is 5.5 to 6 inches, according to this Oprah episode. That is probably non erect, but can't be sure. They didn't say.

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is that small?



it is slightly below average. There is a chance it may grow some more because youre only 14 but not by much.


I wouldnt worry about it. By the time anyone sees your erect penis, youre already having sex, so penis size isnt an issue in attracting partners.

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The average for white guys is 5.5 to 6 inches, according to this Oprah episode. That is probably non erect, but can't be sure. They didn't say.
Non erect of course.


It also depends which study you look at. I caught a TV documentary that discussed it. Apparently when men were asked their size the average went up by an inch. Self reported studies are not a good basis, especially for this as men exaggerate and measure incorrectly.


A properly measured clinical study found that the average in the US was 5 - 5.5 and men 7 or above were less than 10% of the population. Above 9 was less than 1% and less functional with ED problems. While there were some racial differences, it wasn't that big a difference. 5 is fine and average.

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Sorry typo(ironic too should read erect.


In any case as I said in another thread, a woman is very very unlikely to leave you just because of an average or smaller penis and a woman won't stay with you just because you've a larger than average one either.


It's pretty much a non issue if you've got everything else going right in the bedroom anyway. Stop worrying about your penis size and start worrying if you're crap at foreplay. Put your insecurities into learning about that.

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It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion in the ocean that counts
You're screwed if you've only got a rowboat though.....


Look the fact is a larger penis does adds an advantage. More chance of a vaginal orgasm for one and self confidence if nothing else(and that's a big part of it, from what I read here). It also has disadvantages. Anal is often too tight and sore for both and blowjobs can be less comfortable. Deep vigourous thrusting can be off the menu too.


Advantage or not, it's only one part of the puzzle though and if the rest of your repertoire is lacking no matter how big you are, it won't help. Put it another way, I've given more orgasms with my tongue, lips and fingers, than I have with my penis.

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I'm 43 and mine has grown some lately due to healthier lifestyle. The better shape you are in, the better your circulation, the bigger it gets when erect, which is a good case for staying in shape and off cigs and booze. I think testosterone levels have some small impact on penis size, so at 14, you may not be fully developed yet.


To go off-topic a bit, since you seem concerned, there is more hokum and BS out there with respect to penis size than any other male physical topic. If you can get ~2.5" in to her g-spot, which requires about 5" total, you are fine. Some women will claim to only want big penises, and claim size does matter, but in actuality, the state of the vagina on entry is FAR more important than the length or girth of the penis. If the vaginal area is properly aroused pre-penetration, something the size of a pinkie finger will put her over the edge if she was headed that way. Notice that most average women don't masturbate with large vibrators or dildoes, most I've seen are much smaller than the average penis, sex toy ads and porno notwithstanding. There are large penis fetishist women out there, if you end up with a less than average sized one, you won't likely get one of these, same as a flat-chested woman won't likely excite a breast fetishist. Best wishes.

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