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am i moving too quick?


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hi.i broke up with my ex around about 6 wks ago.it was very painful for me because i loved her deeply and thought we were gona spend our lives together.anyway...im getting over it now.


ive just met an old friend of mine again who has been through a hard time having lost her best friend.anyway...ive been there for her lately.ive just realised that i really like her alot and would like to go out with her.


wat should i do?i asked her to call me after i saw her on wed bt she hasnt.i no she doesnt no tht i like her bt should i tell her?or should i just be friends?

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I'm sorry to hear about your ex girl but hey you know

what they say let the person go if she/he comes back

he/she is yours if they don't then it wasn't meant to be".

now for your problem sweetie could it be that your

on a rebound maybe you miss your ex too much that

you want another one so bad because you might be afraid

of being lonely?!? If you really like her though then go for it

but I suggest for you to take it slow just because you just got

your heart broken i'm sure you wouldn't want that to happen

again right?!? Get to know her better and see if you really deserve her


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