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Useless thoughts of ex...what to do?

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Hi, my ex broke up with me about 3 months ago over the phone and refused to see me or speak to me after a 3 1/2 year relationship.


My problems are this, I don't want anything to do with her, least of all to ever be involved with her again. But my thoughts always drift to her and what shes doing, who she is with etc. I feel over her in the sense that i never want to be involved with her but my mind is always drifting to what she is doing now, is she thinking about me etc. I hate this and the thing is I hate her. The only thing I hold on to is how much I hate her for what she has done and I constantly think about what i would say/do to her if she ever asked for me back.


I dont like this hate and I would like most of all to just forget about her and for her to never invade my thoughts again but I am constantly reminded of her and my hate brews and brews and will turn into something draining. How do i forget this dirty slvt and learn how not to hate her, just to live.

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No matter how much you try to convice yourself

or other ppl that you still hate your ex it's obvious

to me(anyways)that you still care for her or else

you would have been over of your feelings for her by now.

What you need is a closure you should meet up with her or

maybe just talk to her on the phone whatever works for you

and tell her how you feel how much she hurt you,you need to

deal with this anger or else it would consume you.why be miserable

when you can be happy right?!? GOODLUCK!!

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I'd write it down, even though it may well be something you don't want to send, just get it all down where you can see it, whether it's in words like a journal, written like a poem or a song, or via art. It sounds like it's staying in your head where it's just going to keep eating away at you, which isn't going to help you move on. Have you tried physical activity when it gets bad? Sometimes taking it out by hard physical exercise helps, lol, as well as being constructive. And find something that really requires focus and concentration to put some of that energy into. The more time your mind has free to wander, the more it will.

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Thanks guys


Im a bit worried about speaking to her, i run the conversation in my head and it never ends well, and i dont want to give her the satisfaction of letting her know she's still in my head. I do run sometimes to feel better and i think about writing a letter to her that i wont send but i havent done it. Maybe i'll take your guys advice and thanks for being there



Fear is good, keep fear. But travel light, forget hate.

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