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Well, what would you think ?

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Hi everyone,


3 years ago I went through a tough breakup that lead me to this site. Like many posters the bottom had fallen out of my world (and that is not just a reference to my lovely ex girlfriends posterier!). I was gutted


Anyway, she used to live in the part of town my granny (I'm scottish!) still does and that's where I lived with her for a few months. All this was 3 years ago as I say, I'm now with a girl who I have twin girls with, I hear (because we have no contact whatsoever) that my ex has a little boy too. I love my current partner, and although we never planned on having kids, they're here now and they are quite unspeakably beautiful. Truly, I cannot believe how well things have gone for me since those dark days. I am planning on asking her to marry me now enough time has passed that she wont think I'm just doing it because she got pregnant. I have a very happy life.


Anyhow - i've gone on long enough, when visiting my gran I though about my old life and my ex and had this notion to text her and catch up find out how she's doing, but am having second thoughts. You can click on my profile for the whole story, ,but how would you feel if an ex suddenly sent you a text after 3 years given all that's happened ? I do genuinely wonder what became of her.



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