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has any one tried.......


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me and my ex broke up and i love her loads. i want her back and am going to give her time. i saw that this site offers spells to get love back which are guarenteed. i am not really a believer in spells and i just wanted to know what other people think about them, have they worked for other if so please give stories. i mean they are guarenteed so might as well try them....

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Ok, I don't follow wicca, or anything specific, but a kind of catch all philosophy that makes sense to me, so I can't give technical advice...


But, IMO, I wouldn't WANT something guaranteed - I'd rather not have to question years down the road if someone wants to be with me, or was coerced to.


Most pagan schools are against coercion per se, and stop at positively influencing basic circumstances in favor of your wishes, the rest being up to you and the other party involved. I'd be a bit leery of something "guaranteed" to bring results.


Heck, I'm a cynic about most "guarantees" because the fine print often makes it nearly impossible to meet the refund requirements, so be cautious.

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Hello there,


I understand you and your girlfriend broke up and you want her back. I also understand you have found a website offering "guaranteed" love spells.


First of all, there are few things in life that are guaranteed, and I personally do not find love spells as one of them, especially from a site on the internet.


Instead of going into my normal sermon about the true beliefs of paganism and/or wicca and how spells are used in these religions, I am instead going to focus on this in a more secular way. This website that you visited, did it say the spells had a price? I mean, are they just free spells, or do you have to pay in order to get them. Also, do they give you the spell and you perform it, or do they "promise" to do the spell for you?


The reasons for these questions is to suggest the possibility to you that this could be a scam. It has many of the appropriate aspects of one, the main proof I would need would be if they were asking for money. This sounds like a scam to me, and I suggest you should be wary before attempting this.


Anything, especially on the internet, that claims to be guaranteed is something I remain skeptical of, simply because, while the internet has lots to offer, some sites are less trustworthy than others. I am also especially wary of anything that sells or offers guaranteed spells of any kind.


As to your problem at hand, I would suggest you work on your relationship without the use of magick. It's a lot easier sometimes to solve problems in your life without the use of forces that you may not understand. And in the matters of love, it is never good to do a spell, put on an act, or lie to win another's heart. That to me is fairly manipulative and selfish. In matters of love, shouldn't everyone have free will.


I suggest you talk to your ex and see what went wrong. If she needs space, then give her that space as hard as it is, and thereby you may increase your chances. I suggest dropping the idea of spells, and instead looking after the reality of the situation. That's the thing about spells, just performing one or having it performed for you won't cut it, you still have to work hard to achieve your goal on non-magickal terms.


I hope this helped you and I hope you will consider the advice that you are given. Best wishes.

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