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shy meets shy what next?


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hello agian, I have a little bit more detailed question than normal. well here it goes, okay I have been in school a while and have had my eye on a beautyfull girl that I really like. okay, here is the thing when we first met I was pretty sure she liked me, because { this will sound silly} my cousin tossed a pen at me in gest {we get along really well =} } and out of the blue she starts to bite the head off of my cousin {hehehe} this was unexpected cause we dont talk an awful lot, so does this mean she was "defending me" {a little embarasing but a nice thought LoL} or was she just being herself? anyways everything was going as well as expected till one day in the middle of class someone decided it would be a brilliant idea to give her 25 flowers in the middle of class, oh and it gets better! 24 red ones and one white one {red = all the other women, white one in the middle meaning her} well, after this i figured i was royaly screwed. so i suck it up and take it like a man and go about my normal life style while still keeping thing in relativly the same as they were between me and her. about 1 or days or 2 after this happened I herd of all things he got shot down. {possibly a rumor} now she is a very shy person i am finding out, because she blushes and kinda avoids eye contact w\ me everytime she sees me in the hall. she doesnt do it as if she doesnt like me just kind of embaresed almost. anyways what should i do now? we arnt more than aquantences right now but it seems like she really likes me she is just shy about it. its a very delicate social thing for me I too am shy to a disadvantaging point. I have two classes were i sit literaly next to her and 2 or 3 were she is in the same class. same lunch too, seems like i should be able to talk to her easily but were both so shy. anyone got advice as to what I should do next?

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find time to talk to her and ask "is it true you shot down the guy that gave you the flowers?" then just continue flowing about guys, and relationships to get an idea of what she thinks / says.


if you feel the urge to ask her out, this is the BEST line:

"I'd like to get together with you and do something later"


Asking specific days can always get a NO because she may already have something planned. You would automatically think she meant no as in rejection.


If she says yes, well hey, you know she'd want to go out. then you can specify places / dates.


If she ask what do you me "something" refer to going out to get a bite and catch a flick. she could be thinking dirty (my gf is like that, something = meant sex to her)

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