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Total Screw up


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You know sometimes.. Whatever I do.. I always seem to screw everything up for everyone ... I just try to help and when they ask for it I always accept to help. But, whenever I try to help I screw up in ways that are totally unimaginable.. Some things I have screwed up for people are, their relationships, their grades, their social lives, their trust, and many more... I ask the question, Is everything my fault?.. well i guess it is since I'm the one asking for help.. All my friends are keeping their distance from me and I keep wondering, if i keep screwing up on everything, Is it worth to live and see what I become? I don't want to bear the thought that ill be a total oddball when I get older. I don't know what to do and the only thing I can think of is just ending my life right here, right now... Is this the right thing to do?

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RELAX. Why are you putting so much pressure on yourself? No one's perfect, and, if you feel that you make mistakes in trying to help people, then simply don't offer the help, or decline to help with a reply that you're not in a position to help with that particular situation, whatever it is.


I'm guessing you're still rather young-don't worry so much about the rest of your life, and be so depressed over a few fumbles now. EVERYONE fumbles things in their teens, it's part of growing up. When I think of how many screw-ups I made and wrong advice I gave, I cringe. But you LEARN WITH EXPERIENCE. That whole "learning from your mistakes" thing? Very true. You know what DOESN'T work in a situation, so, if you're in a similar one, try a different tactic. Or, if you're not sure of the right words, don't say anything at all, there's no obligation to do so.


But you'll work this out until the day you die, even if you live to 120. It's so true that you NEVER know everything even up until you die-if you did, you'd be God. We're imperfect creatures, so cut yourself some slack!



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