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ok this is kinda embarrasing , but im gonna ask anywayz.

ok, i was supposed to go to my girl's house last night. and i knew we were gonna have sex, (becuase she told all of her friends)but i didnt because i ... dont know what i'd be doing. we've been going out for quite a while, we're BOTH virgins though. i know we're ready but the thing is, i know put my penis in her thats obvious. but do i have to LOOK for the hole, and how much pain will she be in, i dont wanna hurt her you kno? and is there anything special we have to do when its over?and what do i expect while we're doing it?...she trust me and i dont want to mess that up.

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Well i think this is a very important question to tell you the truth, and all of your questions are good, considering your still a virgin, well i myself am too to a certain degree that is.



CrazyKing Wrote


... I think such questions should not be posted...


Well i believe No Good Question has a Dumb Answer.


You asked about putting it in the right spot...If your main concern is that than you should have the lights on, Or ask her too grab you and have her put it in herself, and if your not ready to have sex than be like me only oral sex, or use your hands, you CAN do quite a large amount of exploring down there, and you should before you go all the way...that will allow you to know where the "spot" is before you decide you want to take it that far.


Finding the Clitoris:


Well the easiest way to tell you where that part is, would be the first thing you hit when you put you hand down there, meaning from the belly button point your hand DOWN and slowly slide it downwards until your middle finger hits that area, it WILL get wet and if it does you know your pleasing her in a good way


But the clitoris is the area you want to focus on, that being a really sensitive area, she might tell you it tickles, because from what iv 'e heard it does when being touched. or stimulated. so don't worry about going all the way if your not ready, and if you have unanswered questions. just keep asking..that is what this site is for, so NO one should flame someone else for posting something that they find to be funny, or out of context, that i believe is just rude.

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Eh... I think such questions should not be posted... 8)

THAT IS NOT SOMETHING TO SAY he needed help and you tell him such questions should not be posted, he was looking for an answer and this is the place to put it, he did not ask in a sick or disrespectful way. As he said he is a virgin and he doesnt know exactly what to do, so he asked for help. No questions are ever dumb or stupidor shouldnt be asked, unless it is inapropraite for the time and place. Well this is the time and place buddy.

And just to tell you lozt kid, dont let crazykind tell you that this is a dumb question, because it is not, very few people are brave enough to ask such a question and it also helps other people who arent brave enough, becuase the get an answer with out embarrasment. you have nothing to be ambarassed about.


Ok back to the question

I am i a girl i should know that it is extremly painful for the first time. Just be slow and gentle. you may want to get her wet my rubbing her clit that will instantly get her wet, it may not be enough so you may need to consider lubrication. just be slow finger and play with her clit before you insert your penis in. Try using your fingers first , insert them in her and move them around, but make sure your nails are trimmed otherwise it will be painful for her when your finger is inside. You may want to finger her first to get her wet and assure her that there will be a good sensation.....rub her clit and inch your finger in....gentle gentle gentle....when you thin k you are both ready place your penis in her gently, and slowly, if it does fit try a little harder and watch to see her reaction, if it is pain pull away gently. and massage with your fingers more eventually you should get in, but i am saying that the first time is extremly pain ful so be gentle and use lubrication. after 3 -7 times having sex, it should be more pleasurable. since its the first time for you both dont worry about yourself as much as her. what you find pleasurable she may find painful....


Use a condom...

Be gentle the first time is painful

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