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More age gap.. what runs through a guy's mind?

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In my opinion, it depends alot on the maturity level of the two people. Yes a 23 year old can see something in a 16 year old, in alot of cases, the guy just wants to get some from a young chick, but there are more cases (they are becoming more popular too) where the 2 people actually have things in common and are interested in each other. 7 years or 17 years it doesn't really matter.

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Okay, a guy's opinion...7 years from 16 to 23 can have all kinds of differences in maturity. Chances are, the guy is noticably more mature, esp. because in most cases he's now had 4 years of college to learn how to socialize. Buuut, there's also a fair chance that the 16 year-old girl is more mature. She may want a stable boyfriend and know what she wants. The guy may still be horsing around with his life. It all depends on the 2 people.


Second part of your question is how he would regard her. It all depends, but yes, he could be totally enamored with her and admire and respect her for her intellect, humor, personality, character, all those things. He may not look down on her at all, and he may even look up to her for traits that he admires.


Smiley_turtle makes a good point about the kind of guy who would be after getting it on with a young girl. She is probably still at a time of her life when she has not been badly hurt, and she believes in love, and a bad, sweet-talking guy can take advantage of that and set her up to be very hurt. This is obviously where you need to be careful. I'm not going to preach morals here, but instead give a little practical advice that telling him you want to wait until you're older to get real intimate is a sure way of weeding out the bad guys. Also, keep in mind that it's tough for something like this to work because neither of you have settled down yet...and you probably don't want to basically be single except when the big boyfriend is in town, hm?


Hope this helps!



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from my opinion age doesnt matter at all, the only thing that matters is maturity. its only when for example a 16 year old girl goes out with a 35 year old i will have objections, and this is purely because there is no way these two can be of the same maturity, the guy will have had so much more experience in life in many ways and thereforeeee you will not compare, for a while it might seem good, as he has so much more to show you, but by the time he has you are only 16 remember and it would be so much nicer to go through all those stages at the same time as someone, eg someone of a similar age. that age gap doesnt seem too big to me, as long as you are at the same similar sort of level of maturity, and as long as you have fun! ive just left a problem on here of my own, the lad i like is 21! annd im 17! so i spose evryones like answered my problem 2 havent they!

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