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thanks its all over

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after i posted that last erm .. post i had a few week of thought n i am goin to end it today i have decided i am gonna clit my wrists and throught n i just want to say thanks to evry one that has helped me b 4 and keep help ppl you gave me an extra 3 week so good job tbhak sgain c yall up there if it egzists this is hte last letter ill write no letter to my bitch family c yall

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please, don't...if you haven't...and anyone out there considering it who are reading this, please...DON'T.


I know life can suck (and that is an underestimation by far) but there is other options, other means, and recovery from depression.


I have a lot to say on this matter, but I am afraid i cannot say it all now. Just believe me things change. At age 14 i may have told you like would perpetually suck for me, but if i told you that i would have been wrong. I probably would have echoed that for several years, but now things are different and i can look back at the past with a new wisdom, a wisdom gained, hence my name, and see that each little thing added up to make me me. And things are good even if sometimes it's not easy.


So just please, ride out this storm.


you (any of you) can talk to me if you need, for go to my diary and leave a note.



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