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no chemistry

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My boyfriend and I had a blast when we first started seeing each other. Now, it seems like that faded away. Four years, and in between that we went through hard times. It was tough for the both of us. He hasn't had to worry about how anyone else thought. Until he met me, his life changed. Do I have to feel bad about this? Should I look at it in a bad way? Am I supposed to be this perfect angel?


Everything else is still the same, but the most part is the irritabality we have on each other. Is it because we spend too much time with each other? Or is it cause we need space?


Sometimes, I have this feeling that he cheats on me. It makes me want to break down and cry.


I don't know. What am I supposed to do????

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I've been in the same situation before. I went out with this guy for 4 years as well.


It was the exact same, we completely bonded, but during the years, things fell apart.


I know exactly how you feel. For some reason we just grew apart. I guess it's that you are finally maturing, you are changing, and so is he. Unfortunately, you guys are not growing together, but rather growing apart.


It's tough to really find that special someone early in life. Sometimes, you're lucky to meet your soulmate when young/have them grow together with you all throughout life.

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