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FREAKING OUT... over haircut...

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ok, i know (or i hope) a lot of people have been here.


you know, where you go to get your hair trimmed, and it gets butchered. i'm really really freaking out here, and even though i recognize that it's irrational to feel so CRaZy about it, i can't shake the feeling that EVERYBODY will notice that my hair is completely different on each side! can anybody offer some small words to try and calm me down? or am i being completely juvenile? should i go back and try and get it fixed? it isn't that bad, but when i go to school like this, what if they notice?


(argh, i feel really stupid posting this on the same site where people are posting things about relationships and marriage and sex but this is emotional as well... i guess)

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Hey, no worries. Help is help wherever you look for it i guess. I can't see your hair but I think it is a good assumption that all the focus you put on it is only because it is your head. No one else will take notice of something like that. At least not to the point that it will be in their mind for more than 15 seconds. They have their own insecurities to worry about. Your fine. No problems!

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can you wear it up? find a bunch of cute ways to wear your hair up every day until you can get it fixed. the nice thing about hair is that it grows back, & won't be ruined forever. just try not to think about it. the only people who will notice are your friends & possibly other people you see every day & they wont care, so i would say don't stress out too much over it, nobody really cares what anyone elses hair looks like. people are too worried about how their hair day is going.

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Hey, Anamarie89! troubled and enadevoli are right.


First, no one really cares if your hair looks terrible. I mean, I know several people who have/had terrible haircuts or hairstyles but I don't care, they are still cool in my book.


And second, like enadevoli said, only your friends or people you know may notice it, but I'm sure they will still like you once they talk to you or if they know you well.


This is embarrasing for me, but I used to have a terrible hairstyle. My hair is VERY stubborn and puffy. I would brush it and look in the mirror a few minutes later and see it all messed up again. Plus, I used to have a lot of dandruff back then, too. Imagine how humiliating that is for barbers and people at school to see you with dandruff crap in your hair. But how I'm fine cause I found a cure for it. As for my hairstyle, I just use gel now because I dont have to worry about gel giving medandruff from dried up skin and I wash the gel out at night before I sleep so it doesn't dry up.


Hope that helped lol.

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What you feel is normal some ppl tend to over react

on things and yes it can sometimes emotionally drain

you out but that's ok atleast your dealing with it and not

suppresing it which is healthy. You should get another

haircut and fix it it's as simple as that. GOODLUCK!!




I have found little that is good about human beings. In my experience most of them, on the whole, are trash. - Sigmund Freud

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