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I could get plenty of girls, but i want this one

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I have liked this girl for 3 years. She has never told me she has loved me or anything in anyother way then in a friendly way. She knows i like her. But she doesnt act like it and tells me about all the people she is interested in, this makes her sound like a jerk but she isnt, i dont think she really understands the depth of it. I have obsessed over her for three years, not in a stalking or creepy way, but i have only liked her. she wen out with my old two best friends, and was stuck on the last one for a while. She went out with me once but dumped me the following hour. IM not a bad looking kid, i could get plenty of girls, but i want this one, im stuck, and please dont tell me to forget about her because i cant, not until i know

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not to be rude but....what the hell. she dumped you in the following hour. thats messed up man. if you really like this girl then tell her how you feel. dont speak with your mind either speak with your heart just let all of your stuff flow out form your heart and she will see how much you like her and what a great guy you are/can be. Best of luck to you 8)

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you can try to make it happen with her, but as people have probably told you-- she has given the signs that she is not interested- and she hasn't done it in the most mature, upfront way. maturity is about strength in someways. it takes a lot of strenght to tell someone how you honestly feel , and if you do it in a compassionate way, it is less difficult. if she really isn't down romantically, how difficult would it be for her to be completely direct and tell you " i am only your friend". it would hurt, because no one compares (you think). try, i know it feels impossible, and i can't say i am always successful, but try to not think of her as the only one. but if it doesn't work if you decide to "tell her"-- you should find a way to get over it and perhaps have some respect for her honesty. however she hasn't done that(told you exactly where she stands -- if there is no romantic future or not) and i hope she has not been stringing you along in some way. you can't make someone be direct emotionally, it is just who they are or not. and frankly, as i get older, i am learning that is not cool.

i am only saying this because i have been in a situation like yours, and it lasted for quite a long time-- we got close, feelings developed, but it was never balanced or felt quite right until eventually i was "let go". i have been told that its best to "fall in love again". i will say one thing to that: who knows when that could happen? but one thing that helped me at times, when other people harp that you are lurking around for her, remember that your feelings for her are yours to own. there are probably qualities that she posseses that you really admire and enjoy, right? you can admire those qualities and realize that there is something about you that picks up on them, and whether she is the one or not, you can still appreciate that. those feelings are yours, whether she reciprocates or not.

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