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how do they do it??

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Girls vary from very subtle checking out to the all out "hey buddy I'm totally checking you out notice me!!!"

In general Girls will casually look your way, give a little eye contact, perhaps a little smile if she is feeling brave (or if you smiled first) and then look away. If shes interested, she could look back a time or 2.

About the whole checking out "down there," I honestly never understood that! I mean, you can't really tell anything by looking because its not like guys wear skin tight pants like girls do shirts and pants, so every asset isn't in clear veiw on a guy. I personally would never try to check out a guy's crotch area, that'd be extremely weird.

Yes girls do check the butt though. Not as often as guys do, but it is a secondary check out spot.

So I hope this is of some help, and yes I know I'm not speaking for every girl...these are just my observations and my own personal opinions


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