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Well, it was two weeks since me girlfriend and i broke up. If you look at all my previous posts you'll get whats happen(it's an interesting story). I was in a rough state. I didn't know whether to call or not so i did after 2 weeks. The reason was that i didn't understand the break up. The last time we spoke she told me she loved me. We weren't fighting but she needed a break and i didn't understand why. Well i called the other day and we talked for a while. It was a great convo. She told me she missed me and wanted to see me but it was for the best that we didn't. She said she needed space which i thought was weird because we are in a ldr( about 5 hours away). After talking to her a really started to understand what she meant. She went to see a couseller, hasn't been going out, she's been going to the movies and dinner's by herself and spending a lot of time with familly. She's thinking about going travelling with a friend for a 6 months to a year. She said she wasn't ready for this yet, even though she loves me. I told her i want to be with her and that i'm not happy about this but im going to deal with it. Some of you might say that she's playing games but i don't think she is. I wasn't a believer of someone needing space but i think i do now. I really think she want's to do everything she can feel right in a relationship(we're both 24).

I'm not going to wait for her and i told her that. I really felt like crap for 2 weeks and ever since i talked to her i feel good. I'm moving on, but i really feel as though this isn't the end of us. Most girls i've been with over the years, after a break up you know that you're not going to talk to them again. This time is different though. We said that were going to stay in touch and maybe see eachother when were ready. I told her it might be difficult but i'm going to try. Anyways, does anyone have any sucess stories where people get back together?? Please let me know. I really want to thank everyone on this site. Whether you replied to my post or just put a story up, it really got me out of a dark time. I felt really low and i feel a lot better now. Thanks a lot!!

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My first love we dated for 1.3 years, it was great until the end of course. Well we broke up and 9 months went by. Then by chance we meet each other on the street (no contact in 9 months) we started to talk and we decided to go for a coffee. Well the next thing I knew we were rekindling the old flame.


Before I knew it we were dating again. It was great, she was a good girl and it was awesome that we were back together. Well that lasted about 6 months before we got to the point where we wanted out again. So that was the end of that. That was oh.. 3 years ago. I've moved on, so has she. We have our own lives now. I've dated many women and she is getting engaged (so I hear).


Is that a happy story? I've very happy in my life and I wouldn't change a thing. There is life after love; there is more love after that. (Oh boy I could tell you a few whoppers!) Anyways, my point is perspective. What I thought was hell turned out to be a good experience. I remember the pain (barely) but the good times I will never forget.

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The saga continues.......


My guy and I broke up about 7 months ago and we have been dating now for about 3 months. 3 months no contact....Then he calls me out of the blue, to try to give things another chance. We dated for 4 years, but feel into a rut due to distance. I do not know what will happen in the future, but for right now we are happy! I know so many people who get into a rut around the ages of 21-27, they do not know where their life is going, or what they want out of life in general. My guy needed time to figure things out too, and so did I(He is 25, and I am 23). I feel as if I am a stronger person than I was before, and if things were to not work out again I know that I will be ok! Your ex needs time to herself, she may realize what she lost when she gave up you! She just needs time to think things out and soul search.


I think the best thing to do is to give her space and to try to find happiness being a single man. You can learn so much about yourself when you are single. You are in a better place than most people once they have lost a loved one, so you are one step ahead of the rest! You sound like a great guy and someone else will see those good qualities in you even if she can not right now. Good Luck and God Bless!

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